Cabasse Eole 2 5.1

As the competition, the French by Cabasse rely on five identical satellites for front, Center and surround. Our French neighbours show courage, which are extremely compact and ball – a construction, the high rigidity with optimum directivity and combines appealing design especially for the satellite.

Cabasse typical of the Eole 2 satellites are equipped with the proven coaxial mid-high range speakers and drive the idea of point sound source in the tiny aluminum ball on the tip. The possibilities are virtually no limits: the Eole 2 has even standard slim stand for the front speakers which hang himself like all satellites in this test also on the wall can be. Detailed solutions like the magnetically adhering feet know to convince. Except the miserly terminals, designed in contrast to the large, easily accessible terminals at Devil banana plugs or for proper cable diameter. Here, the development focus on living-room-friendly integration with hidden Cable. All the same more enjoyable was that observed no correlation between fun and stripping format existed in the stereo pass of the hearing test Elvis Costello with the Metropole ORKEST (DG). Impulsive, openly and detail the Eole 2 Cabasse to work went. The power dwarfs revealed still the finest room info and let breathe voices and instruments. The music sounded so unleashed and colourful, the not entirely successful transition to the subwoofer and a slightly Center-weighted vote was largely outweighed. But some soft bass prevented that the particularly vital, joyful game French with their emotionally gripping performance in stereo touch before the cheaper Devil set could have. No fear actionDas Eole set transformed the listening room with ludicrous dynamic reserves and impetuous attack in a boiling Inferno. Although the French bass control managed much casual as the devil speakers exemplary in this regard. The woofer was but the necessary pressure on the diaphragm, which brought more applause in the theater as the elegant restraint of the dome structure of focal Lage happening on the screen the viewers. To get the coal out of the fire for grumpy colleagues bass, the five small ball lightning in the fine and coarse Dynamics laid themselves also so vehemently in the stuff, that they weighed up the small weaknesses in the sound foundation. In total the effect-charged interplay of Cabasse crew was enough even to put himself before the musical point of view leading compatriots by focal. And the Oscar goes an_… The grand finale, the Beaus of Cabasse with the fantastic four unleashed a boiling inferno that had earned an Oscar for special effects. However, not a slice of German rap Quartet, but the showdown of the eponymous comic book movie of the year 2007 turned in the Blu-ray player. Explosions were really threatening, the sound of busting metal went through mark and leg. The Cabasse Eole 2 was noted even with volume levels, you can afford in any apartment, no compression or effort. Not the compact membranes, but the drum and diaphragms of the audience put the limit here. In such moments, the charm of the Eole 2 slightly näselige voice playback.