Cartridge Ortofon SPU classic N

For cases where a Benz is still too delicate, whether from a phonetic or mechanical standpoint, there’s still the parallel universe of the Ortofon SPUs. Since almost 50 years (production began in 1959) the Danes build the great-grandfather of all MC cartridge.

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Owner of matching arms order him mounted in the traditional bakelite sound box with SME mount. Modernists ordered the naked and correspondingly lower half inch variant which fits into any standard headshell. However, the subsequent arm must have a high effective mass: so that the resonant frequency of the very hard SPU-suspension in the Golden area to eight Hertz, where she removed enough of the music and yet not too close is on sub chassis vibrations and plates undulations, there are already the involvement of a substantial 20-gram Prengels.

The arm is easy, but stiff enough, it can become harder with ballast. The Linn EKOS of author worked, for example, blamed some magic dough with a Clearaudio steel plates to five grams, dazzling as SPU leader. By nature, especially 12-inch arms like the 3012 of SME or of course the long Ortofon are hard enough. But also on some affordable complete Player Classic, SPU compatible arms can be found. On the each other almost identical, fabulous processed direct line Kenwood KD-990, – 7010, – 770_D and 8030, their mighty sound ironing tests fell by more in the low-dimensional infested 80s.

This would have you must brush only a SPU. The combination of KD-990/SPU Royal N running for years in the relationship of the author and sounds heavenly. Or better: earthy. Because as the first and most important property of the SPU sound is a bass in appearance, never be forgotten: an extremely binding, totally dry full-bodied bass. In the frequency response, he looks perfectly normal, but somehow succeeds across more intensity, more dynamic, this pickup, about the whole band to get more impact from the vinyl bottom line. Also the ease with which the SPU relaxed into it – and then through riding Royal located in busiest passages is fascinating. Who has the sense to be able to enjoy fewer plates because the others don’t sound really can turn things around again the tax with a SPU maybe. Even the SPU classic with its conical needle masters critical Sibilants and highly controlled tutti with amazing composure, sounds even more ungekünstelter – in the positive sense, still less to Hi-Fi as the Royal.

The latter is but plate: his modern “replicant” stylus in the RADIUS ratio is similar to (5 / 100_µm) the John S in the glider. the print run (three grams are recommended) distributed over the large contact area cheaper than at the SPU classic. Especially since this officially requires not three, but terrifying four grams.

The EKOS seemed to lie Sonic optimum rather at 3.8 grams. In a warmer room, and after some more hours of play value is expected arrive rather slightly further. Feeling unnecessarily doing violence to the plates, anyway, never turned up. The music seemed rather to spring an unusually clean background, background noises were hardly bothered. Critical acoustic worked not as clean as when the Benz ACE, but not mouthy injected out, but got in the (rare) limit rather discreetly from the pipeline. The most plates were already on the classic with enormous Dynamics without any filthiness.

Both SPUs are very quiet and need high quality MC Preamps or, much genuine, transformer, such as the excellent audio note to S 2. On the latter, the SPUs reached then also its Sonic optimum.

Ortofon SPU classic N MK II.

Manufacturer Ortofon
Price €575.00
Rating 90.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Cartridge type MC low output
Accessories cartridge Aluminum mounting plate, screws, wires
Measured values
Output voltage 8 cm / s 0.32 mV
System impedance 2.2 ohms / 2, 3µH
Depth scanning ability 315 80 µm
Recommended tracking force 40 mN
High-frequency distortion 0.19%
Deep resonance in the 13-g-arm 12.5 Hz
System weight 8.2 g
Tonearm weight class hard
Cartridge type MC low output
Accessories cartridge Aluminum mounting plate, screws, wires
The original: enormous dynamism, class bass, absolutely coherent sound.
High tracking force necessary
Processing well
Sound judgment very good 90
tested in issue: 09 / 2