Citymapper: So as Not to Get Lost in the Capitals of the World

Is one of the best applications available for mobile devices. Citymapper is an application which, although it does not have a particularly large database, offers a number of truly enormous information about public transport and not only in the main European capitals.

Access, Citymapper has a reactivity, speed and immediacy, really hard to find in programs so feature rich and complex. In Italy supports the city of Rome and Milan and for these you will have full metro, tram and train maps, information about timetables, intersections of lines, chances of finding the best way to get places, get information on traffic, State of a line and still interact with Uber and Car2Go.

All transportation

  • -Bus, train, subway, tram, taxi, uber, Carsharing and bike sharing
  • -Combines all transportation to create the best route
  • -Waiting time and the bus schedule and real-time tram
  • -Go fast train schedules at all stations in Rome and Milan
  • -See all ATAC of Rome, Milan, Trenord, Trenitalia ATM and more

Regular routes

  • -In real time you can know exactly when you reach your destination
  • -Status of lines of buses, metro and trains in real time
  • -Add your tracks even journeys with Uber and bike sharing
  • -Customize your commute using public transportation you like best in Rome and Milan

Offline mode

  • -The subway maps of ATAC in Rome and ATM in Milan
  • -Bus and train arrival times of ATAC, ATM, Trenord and Trenitalia in real time
  • -The complete map of the State Railways and trains operated by Trenitalia in Rome and Milan
  • -Save all your paths to see offline

Moved to cities like an expert

  • -Improved carriage that hop on the subway to go out/change faster
  • -The shortest path to the exit from the train and subway
  • -Share your location and the estimated time of arrival with friends
  • -Search for bus, tram and subway lines in Rome, Milan and Brescia
  • -Notifications of underground lines in Rome, Milan Metro, regional trains, Trenitalia and other Trenord of interest
  • -Notifications on all lines of the ATAC of Rome and Milan ATM

Multimodal routes

  • -Create your ideal itinerary using public transportation and bike sharing.
  • -Reach your destination faster by combining train and taxi
  • -Check all cars car sharing of Car2Go available in Milan and Rome


  • Italy: Rome and Milan (including Banks).
  • Europe: London, Manchester, Birmingham, Paris, Lyon, Brussels, Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Randstad and St. Petersburg.
  • The rest of the world: New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

Citymapper is a program to try and we have deemed worthy to enter the best apps for smartphones.