Clash Royale Updates on iOS and Android

Here comes the awaited update of may for Clash Royale, that on Android and iOS brings the version number 1.3.2, introducing several new unofficially announced in recent days.

The most interesting aspect concerns the introduction of 6 new cards, i.e. spirits of fire, furnace, guards, Mastiff lava, Miner and sparkling. Also revised the balance of rewards, with the trunk of the Crown strengthened, and the introduction of the gold award even if our four slots trunks are fully booked. To follow the full changelog:




  • -New Town: fire spirits
  • -New rare: furnace
  • -Epic new: guards
  • -New legendary: mastino lava, Miner, sparkling


  • -Gold: get gold for a win, even if your slot trunk are full
  • -Crown Trunk: contains twice as much!
  • -Super magic Trunk: possibility of finding doubled!
  • -Giant Trunk and magical: you can find increased!
  • -Donations/inquiries: increases with higher level arenas
  • -Store cards: the legendary cards may appear after you’ve achieved the legendary arena


  • -TV Royale: Watch the best battles from any arena
  • -Friendly Battles: catch live fights and throws confetti!

Along with the news, there’s also some changes to the card balance, with some that are powerless and other improved, one on all the giant Royale, which until now was found among the papers less loved. Here is the complete list of changes:

  • Mortar: deployment time increased to 5 seconds (3 seconds), damage reduced by 10%
  • Effect duration reduced to 40 Tower bomber: seconds (60 seconds)
  • Extractor of Elixir: hit points reduced by 20%
  • Cannon: hit points reduced by 11%
  • Giant Royale: range increased to 1 (see below)
  • Mirror: common and uncommon cards copied with more level 1
  • Valkyrie: rejected when hit by fiery Sphere
  • Mini p.e.k.k.a: rejected when hit by fiery Sphere
  • Flow control (all drives): fixed

Addressed an issue that caused inconsistent shooting flow management for different sized units. Therefore, in the next update the values of flows of certain units are less than before, though in effect unchanged. For example, when two units with the same scope clashed, not always attacked at the same time. Now they do. In addition, the scope of the Tower of the King in this picture seems to be diminished, but it is not so! The same goes for the giant Royale: we are increasing its reach to 1, but in the next update its information screen will still show a range of up to 6, Although it will increase!