Cordy: Platforms Also Come to Android

We are still talking about good games in Xataka Android. While today Cosmos review you a puzzle game and yesterday we told you about a RPG that squeezes all the power of the new dual – core, today I bring you a title when less curious: Cordy. A simple name for a set of the most interesting thing I’ve seen in the last times.

Cordy is a platform game the style of the classic Rayman or the Sonic, although perhaps the most successful comparison is with the famous Pandemonium of the already extinct Nokia N-Gage. Cordy has a neat and precise, graph as well as a very good playability and sufficiently intuitive controls.

The history of Cordy We will put in the skin of the robot of the same name, which we must guide to turn on his mechanical planet. For this purpose we will use special powers, solve puzzles and explore different environments.

What best of this game is that it is free and is available for download from the Android Market. In addition the creators have promised new updates and exciting changes soon. Unfortunately, is only compatible with Gingerbread and we will have to wait for future updates to play on some devices.

I leave a video where you can see your gameplay:

View the video at the original site.