D-Link DUB-H7 USB Hub 3.0

Smart load

The strong point of this hub is that among 7 accessible ports, the last 2 (marked in black) offer the “Smart Charge” feature which brings more power to recharge devices (cell phones, Smartphones, etc.) more quickly.

In standard mode (hub connected to your computer): 7 ports deliver 0.5 A. The soft led displays in blue.
Smart Charge mode (hub disconnected but powered through the sector): the top 5 ports issue always 0.5 A, but the last two increases to 1.2 has.
Changing color Led for green Announces fast charge on these 2 ports.

Everyone has already seen that actually, load their Smartphone into a USB port on his computer took more time than with the supplied charger. Using a Smart Charge of this DUB-H7 port, we FINALLY have a recharge time reduced and similar to an official charger (tested and confirmed with my Tablet Google Nexus 7). In addition, it is no longer necessary to clutter its power strips with 2 adapters to charge his phone on a daily basis: this hub does it successfully.

Case study

In use, this hub is quite convincing. No need for power for few or efficient devices. As expected, as soon as the energy need is felt, the external power supply becomes mandatory.

I tested an Inateck USB 3.0 external hard drive enclosure (running in aBlogtoPhone.com), some USB keys, multiple hard drives (including an Intenso Memory Station 500 GB enough energy), a mouse, a keyboard and a card reader 7-1: no stall and no loss of power.
I also loaded a Nexus 7 and a battery backup IntoCircuit: top up completely soon.
Good to know: the hub and the sector do never get hot.


The D-Link DUB-H7 is an excellent hub for quality by design than by its technical features. It quickly becomes addicted to 2 charging ports that make us the economy of two adaptors USB universal and several hours of load compared to a link on a PC. A must buy. Pity that it is not the USB 3.0 standard.