Details of The New Vodafone Offer for Companies

This week Vodafone He announced the renewal of its range of rates for freelancers and companies with a new concept when it comes to group together and share services between the lines of the company that will help streamline communications much more flexibly, although it has not been until now when have been able to know all the details of everything that hides the new offering rates network company.

New enterprise network for professionals in Vodafone substitute for new customers the previous range of Smart PRO or network PRO rates and its essence lies in hiring first of a Bonus shared enterprise network that includes a bag gigas and minutes to international destinations to It will be shared among all lines of the company to optimize consumption and thus compensate for lines that more consume less that they need.

There are two types of shared bonds: the most comprehensive of 70 euros with 12 GB and 500 minutes to talk with countries of zone 1 while the Lite version has a cost of 35 euros with 4 GB and 150 minutes in zone 1. Both include also unlimited calls between the company lines and 1,000 SMS free in each line.

These shared bonds may be extended according to the needs of each company with extra data bonds a choice of: 5 GB by 29 euros, 10 GB for 50 euros, 20 GB for 80 euros, 40 GB for 140 euros or 100 GB for 220 euros.

After the hiring of the shared bond, will be the turn to choose the rate of voice for the rest of calls in each of the business lines and among which you can choose between a rate of 5 cents per minute (more 15 cents of call set-up) or unlimited calling up to a maximum of 10,000 minutes per line per month that can be applied during business hours or 24 hours a day.

To optimize the use of each of the lines also there is the possibility of defining a profile of consumption on the shared bond of the company and thus be able to control data consumption that makes each line and even to hire bonds voice and additional data for the exclusive use of any of the lines.

Unlike the previous offer of rates, the new enterprise network will only stay if they are linked to the payment of a device.

New offer convergent

The new Vodafone network company can complement each other in any combination of voice and data with landline and fixed Internet connection ADSL or fiber in various ways by applying a discount on the shared bond of 20 euros (or 10 euros if you go with the Lite version). Prices and fixed connection methods are as follows:

  • Up to 30 Mbps ADSL for 30 euros per month.
  • Fiber 60/6 Mbps 30 euros/month the first year and 40 euros the rest.
  • Fiber 120/12 Mbps 40 euros/month the first year and 50 euros the rest.
  • Fiber 200/20 Mbps 50 euros/month the first year and 60 euros the rest.

So is the offer complete rates Vodafone for professionals

Then we review how is the complete offer once made all possible combinations and applied discounts in the convergent offer. Prices that it is for freelancers and companies, it is indicated without taxes.