Devil Scene 10

With slanted side walls is the devil armed subject 10 not only against standing waves inside it, but integrates harmoniously in corners of the room, which also acts as a Turbo in the lower octaves. However, installation in a corner is always a certain danger of ROAR. Positive erweise Devil relies on five identical satellites for front, Center and surround.

The motif is extremely flexible in the lineup. The transition frequency of the subwoofer is deep enough to allow a free arrangement in the room. The terminals are large, easily accessible and stable, have grown even banana plugs and hearty cable diameters. The kick makes ‘ sThe subject 10 benefited especially from the seamless transition between subwoofer and satellites. It turned the entire performance on a solid and taut bass base. Here, the word was “crunchy” attached. But also coarse dynamic convinced the use of Berlin, in terms of resolution and nuance of voices like Peter Gabriel (growing up live Warner) absolute terms wishes open left. As pomp and circumstance lacked a little play of the Prussia package. Don’t be afraid to actionMit to the lascivious Vampire Dance “after dark” from Quentin of Tarantino’s ‘From Dusk till Dawn”(UfA), the hour of the devil sets struck. His enthusiasm and sense of the space brought the atmospheric continuation of the action on the screen. Gang played the Berliners very much alive and three-dimensional. The differentiation capacity of the devil set convinced as well as extremely crisp bass. The subject of 10 offered abundant impulsivity plus precision. Dynamic reserves were loose enough for normal living room. Also seamlessly managed the area figure and fit perfectly to the film images. The lack luster here not so negative was like playing music.