BlackBerry Presents to Half The DTEK70 Mercury with Physical Keyboard, Which Will Arrive at MWC

Today touches Conference of TCL at the CES in Las Vegas, but unfortunately there would be no mobile BlackBerry as the protagonist. The Canadian company’s Blackberries entrusted production to the Chinese manufacturer since some models, and the next to arrive, the BlackBerry Mercury, supposedly DTEK70, will not officially. But yes have been allowed to see. Continue reading

These Are The So-Called First Images of The Latest BlackBerry of The Own Manufacturing

BlackBerry road in recent years has not been nothing easy. After a series of falls and promises unfulfilled by its directors, Canadian Builder smartphones have fallen in the hands of TCL which is, basically, building replicas of your Alcatel models but with the brand of black Mulberry. Although its CEO said that the original designs is not just. Continue reading

Now Yes, Goodbye to BlackBerry Smartphones: The Mark Passed into The Hands of TCL

BlackBerry grants rights to the multinational Chinese TCL Communication Technology Holdings Ltd, so this You can manufacture and sell branded BlackBerry mobile devices at the global level. The company has today confirmed same to devices manufactured by TCL, who also produces mobile devices for Alcatel, to adapt both security software and suite of BlackBerry. Continue reading

A New Self-Made and with Physical Keyboard BlackBerry Will Soon, Word of John Chen

Do you know how many smartphones with QWERTY physical keyboard that have launched recently? The more normal response would be a no, since that format is rather than abandoned by all manufacturers, even those that most appealed to him, as the same BlackBerry, from the Priv and the Classic has been moved to touch screens without physical keyboard. Continue reading

A Benchmark Points to a New BlackBerry ‘Mercury’ 7.0 Android Nougat

BlackBerry Dtek50

BlackBerry announced recently that I missed the closing to its hardware division, but as we said, This decision does not imply that we are not going to see more equipment brand, the difference will be that they will not be manufactured by the company, but that they shall be borne by other companies.

They already did with the BlackBerry DTEK50, manufactured by TCL, and everything indicates that they will follow the same steps with the rumored BlackBerry DTEK60, whose characteristics have already leaked more than once. BlackBerry not stop and a benchmark would have uncovered a new model which is currently known as BlackBerry Mercury or BBB100-1. We tell you all about the upcoming BlackBerry. Continue reading

The Last Mobile TCL Us Teaches La BlackBerry DTEK60 before Time

Not bad We could have declared yesterday as the day of BlackBery and it would have absolutely nothing happened. Early the first image of the future device built by TCL, the BlackBerry DTEK60, filtered and hours later jumped real informative pump of the day. The Canadian company ceased manufacture of smartphones indefinitely, delegating everything to third parties. Continue reading