Google Maps 5.2.0 Android, Update with Which You Can Notify Your State on Twitter

Google He has updated his famous map service Google Maps to the version 5.2.0 for phones with Android. This time the objective was the inclusion of Twitter among their possibilities of sharing States.

Previously, when we were checking, we could add it to your service Google Buzz, but this decision making strikes me as more accurate, taking into account the social impact that supports Twitter from Buzz. Continue reading

Cut The Rope, Another Great Game on The Verge of Reaching Android

After the success of Rovio and its acclaimed Angry Birds, which let the record downloads in Android Market in a hardly surmountable 2 million in just 2 days, becomes ZeptoLab for try to repeat or even surpass the feat.

For those who don’t know this company, they are the creators of other games more downloaded from the Apple App Store, the famous catalog Cut the Rope, coming now to make his landing in tried Android that is on a high. Continue reading

Seesmic for Android, Complete Client Twitter with Curious Details

I have a love-hate relationship with Seesmic. I have been a user of Twhirl on the desktop, and when he stopped updating I moved to his older brother, Seesmic desktop. But after a few months of romance, irreconcilable differences separated our ways. I decided to give it a try and see how it works the version for Android and, Hey, I pointed to the good times.

Seesmic for Android is a very full Twitter client, with virtually everything you need and some more surprise. Certain that there is any lack, but to the user medium is a nearly perfect choice. Continue reading

X Construction, Plays to Build Bridges

For lovers of games of brain I present X Construction, a game that will test your construction skills. The game mechanic is simple. We will have that build a bridge where will be a trouble-free a train full of passengers.

At each level we will have a different, different in size and relief ravine. For the construction of the bridge will have a number of beams that I will have to place strategically so that the train crossing it successfully to pass the level. If we do not put beams well bridge come down next to the train. Continue reading

FleE, Turns Your Android into a Game & Watch

Flée is a game created by Spanish developers Frugal Games, which brings all the retro charm of the Classic Game & Watch, those proto-80 portable consoles to Android.

The screen of your Android becomes when one of these things, with every little detail. So many that it is difficult not to recall those breaks in the College in which you presumías your last acquisition, until another came with a better. Continue reading

Antennas: Locate Your Antenna with Your Android Mobile

Antennas is a very curious and original application. Their mission will be detect our position and the position of the antenna mobile phone which we are connected, as well as the position of other antennas we have closely. To do this you will use the indicative (aGPS) location, which is achieved through the triangulation of antennas, and the exact location using the GPS receiver of your phone. Continue reading

Baviux: Product National Can Also Entertain

We are still talking about games in Xataka Android, but changed completely from registry with Baviux, a simple and fun concept created by an Alicante developer called Sergio Viudes.

Baviux has achieved in a short time a valuation of more than 4 stars in Android Market, and everything is due to its simple and retro concept, Curiously similar to the old water toys consisting of Pocket balls in a basket with two buttons which introduced air, who has not had one of those! Continue reading

2.0 Picplz, Instagram Rival Android Updates

Just announce it and I’ve already updated to picplz 2.0, my application for take pictures, apply an effect y share my social networking favorite. Yes, Android still dont’s Instagram, the application aims to do the same, but that is still exclusive of iOS. Gives equal, because the guys at picplz indeed that they are putting the batteries, and substantially improve with each update.

So if you like to be taking pictures of any living creature, or your girlfriend, or your weekend fiestorros and, in addition, you like to share them with the rest on your favorite social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous, foursquare), you know, you are taking to install or upgrade with the new version, which also comes with significant improvements: Continue reading

Twitter 2.0, The Official Client Launches New Update with a Good Face Wash

If a few days ago spoke of the official Twitter client, Yesterday we could already see a video of what was to be the version 2.0 and, for surprise and enjoyment of all Twitter addicts, this update is now available in the Android Market.

As you could see in the preview of the video, the changes would be largely Visual, but once installed the truth is that these are changes that go beyond and that, in my case, they are seeing threatening the reign of TweetDeck on my Nexus One. If you’ve already updated I have no more than tell you, but if you haven’t tried it and have any questions read on and decide. Continue reading

Only 0.3% of Devices Have Been Updated to 7.0 Android Nougat after Two Months on The Market

The distribution of Android versions he skipped last October, Google did not publish new data after September until now. Fresh out of the oven, we review the current distribution of Android today, 7 November.

November Android 7.0 Nougat debuts in the distribution of updates, and does so with a 0.3% penetration in the market after more than two months on the market. Here we find about every year, except for the Nexus and Pixel, only devices updated to the latest version of Android for the first months of life. Until next year we will not start to see the takeoff of Nougat. Continue reading