Twidroyd, an Android to Manage Your Tweets

There are customers of Twitter on Android for all tastes. Xataka Android have already spoken of a few. Namely: the official client, Web, Tweetdeck and Seesmic… The truth is that both in quantity and quality we can complain.

Today talk of Twidroyd a customer who last week became a makeshift protagonist to be blocked by Twitter. However the issue transcended not too and a few days later the application already worked perfectly. Let’s see What we offers. Continue reading

It Extends Your Desktop to Your Device with IDisplay

Recently just appear in the Android Market this strange app that has been some time in the Apple App Store. IDisplay is and its function is none other than extending the desktop our computer to our device screen.

The first thing that comes to mind is that it will be useless, obviously, due to the size of their screens on our smartphones. However, the tablets it is another singing, with a good dock can be quite usable as alternative screen for when we are traveling, or also use in our own home to, as suggested by the author, place our Messaging applications or social networks. In addition to extending the desktop, we can duplicate it to see in both displays exactly the same. Continue reading Gmail, Google Solves The Fault of The Update Earlier (Updated)

Looks like the guys from Google have quickly given the errors introduced in the update of Gmail 2.3.4 and error-free upgrade for all, is now available. Any apparent change with respect to the version prior to the erroneous, unless already synchronizes the colors of labels web version without problem.

Gmail 2.3.4, update eliminated by Google due to faulty stability (previous news)

In the early morning of February 24 (Spain GMT + 1 hours) Google put at the disposal of all the version of Gmail 2.3.4 in the Android Market. A few minutes ago, different blogs in the industry have reported that the update had disappeared. Continue reading

EverNote, Perhaps The Best Manager Notes for Android and Your Computer

I started using EverNote 2 years ago, but I didn’t pay much attention, because in the end my notes were not interesting enough to always take them over. It was enough that I had to carry the day a project to discover how wrong was.

For those who do not know EverNote, define it as an application to store notes, which are and as sean: notes written, photographed, spoken, shared by email, browser and also, synchronized from your computer. Continue reading

Google Maps 5.2.0 Android, Update with Which You Can Notify Your State on Twitter

Google He has updated his famous map service Google Maps to the version 5.2.0 for phones with Android. This time the objective was the inclusion of Twitter among their possibilities of sharing States.

Previously, when we were checking, we could add it to your service Google Buzz, but this decision making strikes me as more accurate, taking into account the social impact that supports Twitter from Buzz. Continue reading

Cut The Rope, Another Great Game on The Verge of Reaching Android

After the success of Rovio and its acclaimed Angry Birds, which let the record downloads in Android Market in a hardly surmountable 2 million in just 2 days, becomes ZeptoLab for try to repeat or even surpass the feat.

For those who don’t know this company, they are the creators of other games more downloaded from the Apple App Store, the famous catalog Cut the Rope, coming now to make his landing in tried Android that is on a high. Continue reading

Seesmic for Android, Complete Client Twitter with Curious Details

I have a love-hate relationship with Seesmic. I have been a user of Twhirl on the desktop, and when he stopped updating I moved to his older brother, Seesmic desktop. But after a few months of romance, irreconcilable differences separated our ways. I decided to give it a try and see how it works the version for Android and, Hey, I pointed to the good times.

Seesmic for Android is a very full Twitter client, with virtually everything you need and some more surprise. Certain that there is any lack, but to the user medium is a nearly perfect choice. Continue reading

X Construction, Plays to Build Bridges

For lovers of games of brain I present X Construction, a game that will test your construction skills. The game mechanic is simple. We will have that build a bridge where will be a trouble-free a train full of passengers.

At each level we will have a different, different in size and relief ravine. For the construction of the bridge will have a number of beams that I will have to place strategically so that the train crossing it successfully to pass the level. If we do not put beams well bridge come down next to the train. Continue reading