Plantronics Backbeat Pro: Bluetooth Headphones

Test conclusion: what you should know

For the Plantronics headset talk the good sound and a long battery life. The processing is indeed impeccable, but the plastic shows scratches after only a short time. Plantronics promises something too much for noise: noise-cancelling function suppresses noise, but not eliminate them in the mass, as it creates, for example, the Bose quiet comfort 15 long not so good sound of the Bose and with AAA batteries filled are. Anyone looking for a good sound and a long battery life, is well served with the Plantronics backbeat Pro. Best price on the Internet: 149.00 euro * per order this product at Amazon good sound long battery life delay free playback for synchronous video look with and without cable can be used against basic volume to according to estimates of the editorial well user rating now write a Plantronics, known for its Bluetooth wireless headsets, ventures into the cable jungle: the backbeat Pro links in addition to the Bluetooth connection via cable with the Smartphone. As a small bonus, it mutes active ambient noise. How well the backbeat Pro suggests, betrays the practical test. Continue reading

Google Glass: Smart Gadgets For The Golf Course

Was golf not this leisure pleasure, where well-heeled older men with roller bags, white gloves and little beat casual small balls through the air? Far from! Also in this country golf evolved more and more to the sport. And since the right gadgets may not be missing about to determine the distance or the impact measurement. How well the Google glass app golfsight and Garmin devices approach S6 and G8 for the green are suitable, reveals our site.


Everything in sight with Google Glass

The smart glasses Google Glass (so far only in the United States to have; Price: around 1,200 euros) is with golfsight by skydroid Golf gadget. The free app, over 450 courses in Germany are listed; It recognizes, on which the Player stop when the test on the golf range in Oststeinbek near Hamburg. On the first hole, selects the golfer his tee-off (for women or men) and enters it in the app. GPS, the glass measures the distance to the green or obstacles such as water or bunkers. With daubers and mistake of the eyeglasses, the score can enter; the app then computes the sum for several players. The advantage of glass: She sits directly on the eyes and feels very comfortable. After a few turns, I forget the glasses completely, thinks Golf expert Sven Henig: Unfortunately it holds through less than 60 minutes on one charge with heavy use, a quick glance at the display have to do so. More features about unhide hidden flags via augmented reality are not on board. Continue reading

Google Home, a Speaker That Make Your Home Smarter

Google Home is a vase-like speaker who listens to you while it organizes and manages your home

Google will make your home smarter with the Intelligent Home-speaker-an intelligent speaker who will organize and assitere to control your home.

It is controlled mainly by plain speech in which Google’s voice recognition technology to understand, when you ask to get switched off the light, find a movie and display it on your tv or turn down the music in the nursery. Assuming you have smart bulbs, smart TVs and smart-speakers that supports the necessary Google Cast technology.

Thus Google Home an embodiment of the digital personal assistant, which today can be found in your smartphone in the form of Apple’s Siri, Google Now or Windows Cortana. Continue reading

Robot USB Hub with 4 Ports

IOGEAR USB Hub for your local network

Coincidences in life, this new accessory for IOGEAR networks is what you had been looking for for a couple of weeks, a port USB hub that can connect to a WiFi router and be able to share any device, be it a camera, printer, or the pile of hard drives that I have.

IOGEAR launches this hub which does exactly this, with three USB connections more rear a front and an ethernet port, which would go to your router can connect to any peripheral without being forward.

Brando, the store that has almost everything in gadgets that you never buy in a normal store, comes with another one of those products that seem unnecessary but that seem interesting. The new pad with ventilation for laptops, but not a typical one, something smaller for netbooks.

If so, leave it on a pad with fan, it is rather short, so they have added everything that happened to them by the head. Includes a dock to connect hard disks 2.5 inch and three USB 2.0 ports.

For a ridiculous $33 who refuses?

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iPhone Armband for Exercise

For your Apple devices – iPhone 4, iPhone 3 G, iPhone 3GS, and iPod – you can get an armband, which you can use in almost any situation. You do not always have the possibility to put your Apple device in the pocket or pouch, especially if you are in the gym. You want to train and at the same time have your iPhone to make phone calls with friends, or even your iPod to listen to the music according to your taste. For this you should then get an armband anytime, anywhere you can bring it.

The iPhone armband for iPhone 3 G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod – Black/blue is so to speak a sporty mobile phone pocket, into which you can plug your device and undisturbed exercise. You will have always your favorite device on hand while jogging, walking, horseback riding, hiking, etc. This mobile bag – bracelet is created so that it fits all hand sizes. Very easy, you can set the patrol according to your wishes.

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Beats Pill Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Cell Phones

Beats provides not only all facets here, but also Bluetooth speakers. These include also the so-called pills. After the solo 2 wireless more products has made beats now with these boxes available. Now there is for you again a product tester for the pills, pills character delivered with the funny mounts.

The music is to the heart beats and so the company that now belongs to Apple, not only headphone but also Bluetooth speaker makes according to technology wiki. Thereby, the pill of beats can be easily pair with the Bluetooth device. For this, the Smartphone of only the beats pill must then touch and already connected. Also pills can also synchronize and link to play music in stereo. Musically, the unit will provide the crystal clear highs and deep, rich bass.

The beats pill is paired with a Bluetooth enabled device can be changed from a distance of up to ten meters tracks or adjusts the volume. The rechargeable battery provides for a term of up to seven hours. Due to its low weight of less than 300 grams, is predestined to take the pill and also fits into almost any pocket. Via USB charge output can be connected via cable devices. In addition, also telephone conversations are possible because the Bluetooth-enabled product has an internal microphone. And in addition there are character allows you embed the speakers in living rooms the pills as an accessory. There is the stand in the matching pills colors and with different facial expressions.

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Introduction to LG Stylus 2

New Stylus Capacitance Touch Pen For Apple Android Touchscreen High Precision Ultra Fine Head Special Dual Touch Handwriting Pen

LG at this year’s MWC the LG stylus 2 introduces an improved successor of the G4 stylus. The new 5.7 inches (14.5 cm) large unit offers a range of premium features at an affordable price. Also it comes with a pen, tipped with a Nano-layer is provided. This ensures more accuracy than the pen with rubber tip of the G4 stylus.

The LG stylus 2 is equipped with a set of specially developed features that enhance the user experience. Pen includes pop, that generates a popup menu when the pen is removed, and shortcuts open scanner memo and pop to pop. Also Pen Keeper is a new function of the stylus 2. To prevent the PIN from being lost by sending a popup message, once the Smartphone is moved, without that the pen is in the holder. Additionally, users can write just as beautiful and elegant typesetting with the new Calligraphy pen as with a filler. It is delivered stylus 2 with Android 6 Marshmallow in titanium, white and Brown.

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