Easyacc USB Super Speed USB 3.0 4 Port Hub

USB 3.0 hub light, small, portable, elegant (anodized aluminum) perfect to keep near the Mac and convenient to carry in your bag along with the laptop. USB hubs are now very common objects, each room to expand the USB ports of the computer. Most PCs and Laptops normally has a few USB ports; using this accessory, you can expand the possibilities for connecting USB devices such as hard drives, keyboards, printers and scanners. The hub H40 to EasyAcc that we got to try is a lightweight object (95 grams) and small (92x66x33mm); does not take up too much space on your desk, it is elegant to keep close to a desktop computer, but also convenient to carry in the pocket of the bag together with a laptop.

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Dodocool USB Ports

We ran some tests on the performance of USB ports, making sure that the chip Via Labs, VIA VL812, does his duty in terms of data transfer. We could not detect any difference in speed testing a USB 3 and 2 USB connected directly to the USB port than the link via HUB … We also were able to operate a classic disco portable powered by connecting two USB drives simultaneously. Continue reading

Le Touch USB 3.0 for MacBook

This negativity I encountered in the first 5 minutes of use, but unfortunately there are others. MicroSD and SD ports are except in the sense that if they used a doesn’t work. OK, it’s not a big problem, but honestly I was disappointed. The other thing to consider is that the connected devices don’t travel at maximum speed of USB 3.0. Here though is there to clarify one thing, namely that I am trying other products recently on the MacBook and no one gave me the same results on the MacBook Pro 13 “Retina. Evidently it is the computer not to provide the required capability, even though on paper the USB-a USB 3.0 3.1 C should handle without problems. Continue reading

Le Touch USB C

The MacBook 12′ Retina–for friends only MacBook–was a computer rather daring, which as I understand it sells poorly but keeps the price in used. The fact is that to choose it you have to make sure you do not have to continually need to external devices, otherwise the mobility advantage goes to hell because of the need to use adapter. If you are aware of this limit and you ask him too much on the performance side, is a computer that knows how to be appreciated for its extreme lightness, a nice design and a really good screen. The question of the single USB port-C, however, sooner or later comes out. Occasionally having to read a memory, connect a pendrive or disk, so one must take into account a certain amount to be allocated to an adapter. I have tried those Apple in my review, but in the meantime this door spread a bit more (not so much for the truth) and there are also third-party solutions. I decided to try some these days, beginning from the Letouch HUB.

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Inateck USB Hubs 3.0

In all cases the HUB is convenient but not on par with direct USB connection, in fact the same Lexar DD512 connected directly to the USB port 3 of Surface Pro 4 reached 247, 0.12 MB/s write instead of 171MB/s (even surpassing the results on the MacBook).However the same test I got a top speed of reading 317 MB/s, so less than that found with Daisy chaining on the HUB (both on MacBook than on Surface Pro 4). The tests in question I run multiple times, discarding some cases where data were very patchy and keeping them as reliable result obtained for at least 3 times. Continue reading

OWC USB-C Dock Designed for MacBook

Now a few months passed from when we looked at some of the best USB hub-C on the market designed for mobility. The MacBook, however, may be the only computer for those who do not have needs too advanced in terms of performance, managing to go occasionally also in photo editing, Assembly video and more. Certainly not his favorite areas of work, but will not leave us walk when we need. If the size is a big advantage in mobility, the desktop is easy to want something more. And not just in terms of the display but also, and especially, for connections. Some USB hubs-C seen so far are holding up fairly well the workload, but are born for a purpose “nomad” and is also known for the fact that they own a small USB-C integrated, which does not take them too far from the MacBook. The most comprehensive and professional, instead, is to OWC, and of recognized quality.

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