Do You Use Lock Screen on Your Smartphone Android? You Should…

The smarpthones are the natural evolution of our mobile phone. PIN code was one of the first security measures prevented that a user that is a phone off can use terminal to make calls if you don’t know it. However this point not protected the data phone.

With the passage of time we have advanced towards smartphones, devices with which we interact continuously, we entered our social networks, banks, we keep our photos and videos etc. Today day is not usually to turn off such devices and even if they do, the protection PIN does not protect virtually nothing of what Internet via Wi-Fi, allows us to do. So the question is, do you use lock from screen?, what type?.

Suponed that you lose the phone, leave it you forgotten or any lover of the alien is made with it. Before any type of call abroad that we would see at end of month, but today let’s look at what has access could hurt us.

What is vulnerable without locking system?

If you’re an Android smartphone without lock / password you have access to the account Google the primary user and this includes Gmail, Hangouts, Google Drive and last and not least Google Play, that if you have a registered card could mean the purchase of apps, movies and videos.

It is possible to have your associated account of Facebook and, as we all know that enter and leave the account getting the password whenever you visit it is rather tiresome, could fully access your profile, contacts, posting as if it were you who did so, chat, and you could even delete your account.

Better not to mention if we have passwords stored in your web browser, access to forums, websites, counts of Bank and endless possibilities. I do not know you, but me, personally, get me the creeps.

Put a screen lock system!

Has this ever happened to you? Have you lost the phone?. We recommend to have a lock on your smartphone, although the pattern is perhaps the most comfortable, is not very safe. Both use it, our fingers leave traces on the screen which at times are easily identifiable at a glance and others can be performed with the help of a camera high definition Flash leaves no doubt.

What will be the pattern in this mobile?

This type of blocking would be the minimum that we should use, since, where it is active only we could access the terminal formatting data from the same, wipe data from the recovery menu and this memory, pattern, and current programs files are deleted but we would continue with the SD or partition of data exposed.

Do not use a locking system on Android would be like not using seat belts or leave your home open i.e. uses a safe locking system, and, if you use a pattern, clean the screen regularly.

The locking pin system is not more than the implementation of the original system of protection of SIM to the Android system, and there are other systems such as face recognition that can be violated with the use of a photograph of yours. There are more and less secure locking systems, but, what less used one. Do not close the door of your House out?. To that also close your car?. As you block your smartphone, it is less than 1 minute, not going to be that one day you have to ask yourself why have not done you.

What method of? lock you use you? And broached about the theft or loss, do you use any program from remote locations?.

Thanks to Toyball for the idea.