Dodocool SuperSpeed USB 3.0 4-Port Hub

A low cost Hub intended to laptops with few USB ports, and particularly suitable for use on a desk.

After having reviewed wall charger for mobile devices such as Smartphones, tablets, smartwatch, today we will talk about an accessory for pc, a Usb Hub of Dodocool model Dc02 with passive power 4

doors. The latter is quite useful on a desk for easy connect cameras and mobile devices like #smartphone or peripherals such as keyboards, mice, printers, scanners, MP3 docking stations, external hd. Attention: like all Usb hubs 3.0 will not allow to properly operate 2.4 Ghz Wireless devices like mice and keyboards as they cannot circumvent the Usb 3.0 connection and may cause interference, it is recommended to use a direct Usb 2.0 or Usb plug apart in these cases. This product is quite useful to anyone who owns a laptop, these often have a few Usb ports, and a device of this kind is useful for those looking for more Usb ports for use with Pc.

Design and quality of materials

The USB hub is very compact, says Relationshipsplus: its dimensions are 78x62x35 mm thick and weighs 150 g. The doors are well spaced, all around and built in hard plastic, in the back there are rubber pads that do stick to the work surface.

I tested the product by connecting a Usb Dac, two 2.5-inch External Hard disk (a self-powered and one passive) and 1 Usb: all have worked flawlessly. I have found no problem in transferring data from storage to Pc and vice versa, the speed is that stated by the manufacturer. I highly recommend it as it is a hub for Pc with Usb ports located on the front occupying the space vertically and very suitable for the desk.

If you use this Usb Hub on a laptop notebook with power supply not connected, beware: I must point out that being a passive Hub as all those not self powered will tend to consume the energy of your laptop if you connect external hard drives or any other device. Better use your laptop with power connected, of course this problem does not occur with traditional Desktop Pc.

The product is offered on Amazon at a price of € 11.99 and on Ebay at a price of € 18.69. Dodocool offers a discount code: areacodesexplorer of 15% which expires at the end of June.