Dodocool USB 3.0 Hub with Built in Ethernet Adapter

Macitynet tests the three port USB hub Dodocool over Ethernet port. Increases flexibility in connection of the devices but also offers the ability to physically connect the Mac (and all computers) without RJ45 to local networks and the Internet. It cost 20 euros, but with only 17 euro Macitynet code will pay him.

Probably if someone who reads was asked what would in his Mac laptop in terms of ports, the answer would be a couple of USB and Ethernet. To reduce cost and thickness of these machines Apple has indeed reduced to two USB ports and made disappear entirely its classic RJ45. Luckily on the Internet you will find substitute products like this three-port USB Hub with integrated Ethernet port. The accessory (20 euros on Amazon but with a code which you can find below the pay the 15%), we have experienced in recent days is a two-in-one. Connected to the USB port USB connections from 2 to 4 (saw that one will be occupied by the Hub itself) and simultaneously adds an Ethernet port that can be useful for two purposes: to connect your Mac to a local area network or connect it to the Internet.

The accessory is small, almost pocketable, and is built with few pretensions from the stylistic point of view. At first glance it seems a beginning 2000 years, but the materials are good. The plastic is sturdy, each USB port and pocketable Ethernet, is equipped with a blue LED that signals pass data and the pur cable very generous in diameter, is not rigid. Finally the USB connector is attached without saving.

The operation there is very little to say. Once connected will appear in system preferences-> Network USB 10/100 LAN interface as a new/1000. At that point you don’t have to do anything to make it work, except select it as the connection interface and use parameters to connect to the network. This will allow us to forget the Wi-Fi (which in some situation is not available) and take advantage of the more powerful and stable wired network. It is important to note that unlike other similar products (like this Inatek) use as USB-Ethernet Converter did not require any driver installation, which makes life easier. Add a software component, determines each OS update risk losing compatibility with Os X.

The Hub also acts as a multiplier of USB ports, says Adds three, subtracting one for its connection. Eventually on Mac laptops, which are computers that suffer most from the viewpoint of availability, you will have 4. One aspect to consider is that if you take a normal USB-Ethernet adapter, as that of Apple (as well as spend the extra money, because the accessory costs 30 euros), door talking you would have on hand at the end only one, given that one of the two will be occupied by the adapter. In this case, instead the Hub will also be adapter. Another advantage of the Hub is that in desktop usage, connection of drives and hard drives will be more comfortable, considering the support that is perpendicular to the surface rather than parallel as in the case of traditional USB ports.