Dodocool USB Ports

We ran some tests on the performance of USB ports, making sure that the chip Via Labs, VIA VL812, does his duty in terms of data transfer. We could not detect any difference in speed testing a USB 3 and 2 USB connected directly to the USB port than the link via HUB … We also were able to operate a classic disco portable powered by connecting two USB drives simultaneously.

During our testing we have also tried to connect the Hub, connected to the Mac to an iPhone and an iPad and found the ability to sync your devices (which are regularly seen by the machine), but a few problems for charging. The Hub has two problems: it is not fed, so cannot provide high power upon us, secondly the USB pinout is calibrated for the classic PC Setup, then doesn’t provide more than 0, 5A to iOS devices. That’s enough to reload, albeit slowly, an iPhone, but it is not adequate to an iPad that provides the known error message of “device not charging”. In reality, as we know, the tablet is charging, but at a rate so low, as to render impractical the hub’s use for this purpose.

In Homethodology, the Dodocool is an interesting USB hub 3.0 for anyone wanting to increase the number of USB ports available on your Mac laptop and at the same time have an Ethernet port, without buy two accessories at the same time. The operation is very intuitive, it requires no additional drive nor particular settings. Only limit, the reduced power that make the hub unsuitable for recharging of tablets and iPhones.

Dodocool’s hub would cost 20 euros, shipped to your home. But using the code areacodesexplorer in the shopping cart, you will pay for a few days only 17 euros.