Easyacc® Superspeed USB 3.0 4 Port Hub

Super Speed USB 3.0 tests macitynet EasyAcc H40, aluminium HUB wit4 USB 3.0 ports suitable for Macbook or NetBook in general but also to PC and Mac desktops. It costs EUR 18.99 on Amazon and you buy from here.

Useful for laptops, but also for desktop PC such as iMac EasyAcc Super Speed USB 3.0 is a HUB of anodized aluminum, marked by an original and eye-catching solid black. This accessory features with 4 USB ports, really stylish and well built and also cheap (only 18.99 Euros Amazon at this address) was put to the test by Macitynet in recent days.

The usual cardboard box that accompanies all the latest products Phonecations also welcomes this EasyAcc Super Speed USB 3.0. Within the pack of sale, even a USB cable 3.0 to connect your device to your PC. Aesthetically the 4 port USB hub EasyAcc adopts a style that recalls, such as Apple, at least at the top, just under the USB input and approaches to it in an almost perfect from the perspective of a prosecution, is exceptional, as if he were. Minimalist style, and the use of anodized aluminum, making it a near-perfect product to accompany Macbook and Mac in General, except for the colour, not silver, but black, which makes it almost a stealth style product.

The accessory, as one can easily understand, need to expand USB inputs on your PC or Mac, but can also be used to make more comfortable attaching external devices on PC where USB ports are difficult to reach, such as iMac, which forces users to enter the USB at the back of the case. Placed in plain view on a desk, easy very inserting external dispostitivi, such as Smartphones, tablets, cameras and more.

The HUB of EasyACC is certified against surges and voltage, allowing you to effectively protect all devices connected to it. To work properly on any machine it is not necessary to install any drivers; It is, therefore, a plug and play device, ready to be used without need for initial setup. After connecting the USB cable, and you connect the device to the PC, a small blue LED will indicate the correct operation of the HUB. The light will remain perpetually on, even without healthy external devices connected to the hUb H40. As per manufacturer’s specifications, the little device is RoHS compliant and is certified by both the EC by the FCC, making it suitable to the rigorous standards required by the laws of many States, including Italy.

The data transfer rate from the attached devices is really satisfying and amounted, on average, about 40 MB per second, with peaks that can even double that value. Note that the HUB in question is not particularly useful for those who intend to charge smartphones and tablets; the device, in fact, charging very slowly, and the same manufacturer does not recommend such use. In addition, wireless 2.4 GHz working devices, such as mice and keyboards, may not work when connected to hub 3.0, as well as not recommended is the connection of devices that require in combination more than 5V – 900 mAh; This limit, for example, you could already reach by connecting two external HDD 2.5 ″ not powered.

EasyAcc Super Speed USB 3.0 H40 is a product really essential for those who do not have several USB ports on your PC or Mac. It is, however, equally useful for everyone who even when only several USB ports, need to access easily, and continuously, to these inputs, to connect external devices to be talking with your desktop: a sort of extension cord, in case your PC USB inputs mountains in hard-to-reach locations. Aesthetically pleasing and curate, fits anywhere and is well built, solid and free of any creaking.

It costs € 18.99 on Amazon, shipping included, and you buy it directly from here.