Easyacc USB Super Speed USB 3.0 4 Port Hub

USB 3.0 hub light, small, portable, elegant (anodized aluminum) perfect to keep near the Mac and convenient to carry in your bag along with the laptop. USB hubs are now very common objects, each room to expand the USB ports of the computer. Most PCs and Laptops normally has a few USB ports; using this accessory, you can expand the possibilities for connecting USB devices such as hard drives, keyboards, printers and scanners. The hub H40 to EasyAcc that we got to try is a lightweight object (95 grams) and small (92x66x33mm); does not take up too much space on your desk, it is elegant to keep close to a desktop computer, but also convenient to carry in the pocket of the bag together with a laptop.

On the front of the device are 6 port USB 3.0; on the Petsinclude, there is a USB port to connect the hub to your computer using a USB cable type A/A (included in the package there is a USB 3.0 cable of this type). Is a product of course plug-and-play (no driver): connect the input end of the USB cable to the computer, lights a blue LED on the front (left) of the hub and the doors are immediately usable, like any other USB port on the computer. The maximum transfer rate you get of course leveraging computer (Mac and PC) with USB 3.0 ports but is also compatible with computers that provide USB 3.0, 2.0 and 1.1.

Power is supplied via the USB input; There is no input that allows to connect optional feeders and then USB devices with a high consumption (which require more power) may not work. We tried keyboards, mice, external USB drives, a small laser printer, inkjet printer and an iPhone 6 and everything worked properly. If the absence of the power supply might be a problem in some cases, it is also true that his presence would make the hub less portable and convenient to carry around.

The material with which the hub is made from (anodized aluminium), makes the device a pleasant touch, resistant to wear, corrosion. On the bottom there are two non-slip strips that allow the hub to be sufficiently solid to the desktop. The coloring silver complements near MacBook, iMac but also laptops and computers from other manufacturers. The minimum requirement for PC is Windows XP or newer; for Mac OS X 10.2 or later is required. At the time of this writing the EasyAcc USB hub is sold to 17.89 euros on Amazon.