Facebook Denies Working on Mobile

One of last week’s rumors concerned the possible entry of Facebook in the mobile phone market. The company Mark Zuckerberg would be working on a device that allows easy access to all the features of social networking and provide a different way to view the address book.

Have you thought load all Facebook contacts directly into the pocket in a FB device itself? It is all rumor – mongering, however. The TechCrunch, who posted first blog about the possible device, still vowing feet together that the phone will come out. But Facebook has released a statement in which he said (and denies) the subject:

“Facebook is not developing a mobile phone. Our vision has always been to make phones and more social applications. current projects include everything from version html5 site to apps on major platforms, through full support to the connect with sdk for denser integration with some manufacturers [mobile devices].”

Certainly a Nokia Life or Samsung would not like to know that Facebook works on a cell, which is even the focus of the social network. In addition, it costs remember that the attempt by the almighty Google to enter the smartphone market with the Nexus One did not really work.

Well, it seems that is not a good idea to mix hardware manufacturers with software manufacturers.