First Moto X-Press Photos: Major Design Changes on the Way

Forget about what you associate with design of Moto X. The first press photos of the 2016 Edition is for surfaced and there are huge design changes on the way.

Through the last three years there has not been the really wild design changes in Motorola’s Moto X-series, but under the leadership of Lenovo in years to happen, there will be significant changes on the design front.

It is the Motorola-focused side, hellomotoHK, who has come into possession of the very first press photos-so 3D renderings of the future Moto-X-top model. The observant reader may notice that the design seems slightly recognizable.

It is for the same design, which was unveiled as far back as december. At this early stage was back portion then re-photographed without the rest of the components, where it was supposed to be an early prototype due to the significantly different design than Moto X-series so far has featured.

Now it turns out to be the design that the Lenovo-owned Motorola goes with in this year’s top model-something which was also confirmed by the well-informed Twitter tipster evleaks two days ago.

So what features the new design of changes compared with the current 3. Generation Moto X Style? Most notably there is probably the module, circling camera on the back. How Motorola in Moto X Style has taken a narrow and elongated camera module with the iconic small recess under the camera, is there in the 4. generation Moto X been room for a large, circular module, which also looks to piece a bit apart from the rest of the back.

Camera module reminds quite a lot about the great module from Nokia 1020, which therefore saves on both camera sensor, the LED Flash and other sensors, there probably is a laser auto focus. Motorola’s logo is still to be found on the back, but the recess is removed.

Another significant design change is the speakers-or almost lack thereof. Motorola has in last year’s Moto X Style used front placed stereo speakers – one below and above the screen. Motorola’s focus on good stereo sound seems to be a short pleasure, because with the next Moto X will be the ersattet with a single, small speaker on the back.

They now lack of speakers provides space for a fingerprint reader on the front that is located at the same place where a Home button typically is. One cannot help thinking that Motorola was a golden opportunity to implement fingerprint reader in the recess, however, now removed, but it must have been to get the higher priority placed on the front.

Motorola’s recent smartphones have also been karakteret of a design that has featured soft curves especially due to metal frame all the way around, but also this framework will be changed a part of form and shape. The frame is now completely flat and without the very same characteristics that were to take earlier. Overall, there is no longer much Moto X over the design of the next generation.

Whether it will be relevant to buyers here in Denmark this year, is still too early to say, but to judge from the colors on one of the pictures, it would certainly seem that Moto Maker tool to personalize the colors and design of Moto X after all continues.

Launch lurking just around the corner

It is still uncertain when this Moto X-smartphone will be launched – there goes probably a few more weeks. Motorola has already invited to an event in New Delhi on 17 may, but probably a bigger event coming at these latitudes, when the year’s top model to be launched.

Lenovo’s Director should also have teaset for a new Moto-Unit published the 9. June, which seems like a more realistic date. It may therefore be that Moto G, as there have been lots of pictures of the leaked, will be published first here about a week.