Flight Delayed Or Failed? With Our Site You Get On Your Right

Stranded in Dubai? Sleepless in Seattle? Airports are generally not for its cosy atmosphere. Even more annoying, if you had to spend more time than was actually necessary. With refund.me you use your time at the airport gained wise: check here whether compensation is available to you via the app or browser and legally claim it in a few steps. Because: the flight is not cancelled, it complains is quite openly.

15 percent Commission but only if successful

Volume is refund.me the service always on latest state of the jurisprudence and the suits in 98 percent of cases successfully. The money was refunded without any hassles usually within one hundred days from. The operators of refund.me Commission withheld at least 15 percent. Start and destination airport outside of Germany or refund.me must legally collect the money, the Commission rises to up to 30 percent. You only accrues when the complaint was also successful. There are free in the play store and the app store the app.

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On your own that suits a is complicated

As ran it off so far? Customers who once wanted to make a legal claim, know how grueling it can be procedure: just hope that their clients give up sometime unnerved seem many airlines between complicated forms and a perpetual back and forth. A concept that works apparently well.

Other providers require more Commission

The collection of airfare reimbursement is a lucrative business: euclaim, fair plane, sky-mediator, passagierpartner and Flightright a number of providers to attract of passengers Southgate meanwhile. All work on the same model: they receive a Commission for successful reporting. Most take between 25 and 30 percent of the stake. With an initial offer of 15 percent of the stake, refund.me is the cheapest option at the moment to get his money.

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