Flood-It!, a Game That Challenges You to Paint One Color Board

We continue with more games. Now it’s the turn of Food-It!. Already a long time ago that is available in the Android Market, but I think that it is not known by everyone, so let’s see what this game, that is family & puzzle brain.

Before you start talking about the game, say that is developed by Andrew, study that was purchased in May of last year by Google. After this purchase the study has not borne off more games for Android, which surely are centered on some internal Google project, as the rumored Google or your own Game Center social network games.

The mechanics of the game is simple. To start the game you will find a Board full of squares of colors and our goal is to turn the entire Board of the same color. Starting with first left upper square have to go changed its color to go making it big. At the bottom of the game are the buttons to change the color. We have to go by choosing the right color to go painting the entire Board of the same color with a maximum of 22 steps.

We have three sizes of Board where we can choose between 12 variations of colors. The game is ideal for training the mind and spend those dead time by having a very simple gameplay. The game is available free in the Android Market for Android 1.5 or higher.