Focal Dome 5.1 Focal Dome 5.1

Focal familiar as the competitors on five identical satellites for front, Center and surround. Our French neighbours show courage, which are extremely compact and ball – a construction, the high rigidity with optimum directivity and combines appealing design especially for the satellite.

Focal uses the typical inverted dome from a rigid alloy in addition to a midrange cone. It corresponds to the tweeter of Elektra-S series. The dome is extremely flexible in the lineup, the transition frequency of the subwoofer is deep enough to allow a free arrangement in the room. Detailed solutions of the French teams such as the Allen wrench that is stowed in the focal feet know to convince, except the miserly terminals. Here, development focused on living-room-friendly integration with hidden Kabeln.Als that the first sounds were focal set, was no doubt the seriousness of the musical claim. Costello live performance sounded so good, like you’re used from audiophile stereos. The eyes wanted to believe what the ears from the tiny satellite with their initially rather sneered dome-shaped subwoofer heard – a harmony and clarity that Spitfire on standing speakers. However, broke away singers and instruments better by the boxes and seemed free to stand in the room. You could enjoy a magnificent panorama of sound; especially if the programme included pieces such as Strauss’ “Rosenkavalier” (Luisi, Medici arts, Blu-ray). The music out of nowhere to come; However with more authentic timbres and less aggressive than the Cabasse system. Thanks to the combination of chassis quality and successful vote, the music remained free of any artificial aftertaste. Only the subwoofer could reach not quite the depth of the two other test opponents. Agreed but the timing, and the lower octaves inserted itself seamlessly and rather unremarkable in the sound. The performance left open only one request: lights, beamer- and here with the multichannel Programmen. Keine fear actionDie six Focalisten well did their job. “This is high end”, it blurted out a colleague, of the appearance with Wagner (“The Valkyrie”, rattle, collector’s mine) and Strauss brought to the point. The Cathedral demonstrated a level of musicality, natural and complete sense of space that can outdo in conjunction with the excellent Blu-ray image in full HD resolution not more than a concert. If film action in the style of Batman (“the Dark Knight”, Warner) was announced, but the previously exemplary idea lost a bit of intensity – at least in relation to the extremely explosive Cabasse performance. Test victory still went to the focal set – due to its balance and the point account filled in the stereo pass. The Club of dome represents the best compromise between the concert hall and cinema in this test.