Follow the Lunar Eclipse Live on YouTube

The Network Google of TV (!) Announced on Wednesday that it will broadcast the lunar eclipse live through your YouTube channel. From 15h, we earthlings, we can follow the celestial event without rising from a chair or rely on binoculars, spotting scope or something.

Wait, you did not know was that fourth lunar eclipse? Because you should know that is, and will be one of the most enduring of the 2000s – the top place in July 2000 for 107 minutes. The eclipse today will be short one, lasting only 100 minutes. Plenty of time for all monitor the transmission.

Give play the video below and enjoy. It is live.

In an interview with Reuters, John Delicato, director of the Planetarium of São Paulo, explained what kind of eclipse is this: “She will cross the Earth’s shadow in the middle, taking the entire shade and staying longer in it.”

Therefore, from 15h to 19h, follow the eclipse live on YouTube. Only no use to access the YouTube channel now because the transmission has not started. Stop being rushed, boy.