Fraud! The Business With Fake App Reviews

The apps business is in the billions. 2014 developers on Apple’s app store earned more than $ 10 billion. Through the increasing clientele a revenue stream that continues to grow in the future. Apple bills sent out in the first week of January alone by 2015 in the amount of $ 500,000,000 to the clientele. For the makers of apps, it is all the more important to remain visible. With more than 1.4 million apps in the store, of which 725.000 for ipad, also the best app goes down quickly, if it is not to see in the charts. The reviews that may give a glimpse of the quality of programmes are also an important purchase reason of many customers. Unfortunately, we find whether ios apps and Android applications but also black sheep who independently just buy positive reviews by the veracity of course regardless of. Disturbing images of Simon Pang show this scam looks like on the other end of the line.

The 100 best iphone apps

100 apps Utilities, Navi-software, music & co.

Reviews from $ 1.50

The low prices for fake reviews call more and more scammers on the plan. In October 2014 published the German blog iphone – ticker a price list, as they offer the developers specious agencies. Would you buy 2,000 reviews with text for a free app, the implementation costs just $ 3,000. Unless the app advertising plays or offers in-app purchases, this sum corresponding chart placement is quickly earned.

Brushing made in China

Mass rating apps called brushing in professional circles (also known as brush). It is believed the pictures, this task in China seems to fill some job description for full-time positions. Softpedia editor Filip Truta confirmed the images in an appropriate article. As users are helplessly at the mercy of the fakes. Pay attention therefore to the length and detail of the reviews and read mainly only you should believe the negative voices in doubt this more.