Get Apple Music for Half the Price as a Student in Denmark

Apple unveils student discount to Apple Music in Denmark, among other things, so you only need to of with about 50 dollars a month for Apple’s large music catalog.

Apple has long had student discounts on much of its hardware, but never software-until today, for now Apple also give discounts to students in Denmark with the purchase of a subscription to Apple Music.

According to Techcrunch, there is talk of a discount of 50% of the individual subscription, but since the prices of Apple Music varies around the world, can of course also wield a bit of discount. Discounter at Apple Music is namely during rollout right now, and therefore the exact Danish price not yet known.

Safe is it anyway, to study the rebate in addition to Denmark also deployed in United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. The way you can make sure the discount is to your student mail must be validated through the provider UNiDAYS.

Student discount can both be used by new users in connection with the creation of an Apple id and existing users who already had to subscribe Apple Music. For the latter you just need to enter in the settings to change your subscription from your browser or via the app for iOS or Android. Student discount can be active for Max. 4 years, and even in those months when you’re not active due to study, for example, holiday, applies the discount.

If you are not a student at a Danish University or higher education, where such curricula typically applies, you can always make a good buy with family subscription, where up to 6 people get access to Apple Music for only 149 dollars a month.