Google Decided to Close Search Service in China

The relationship Google with the Chinese government increasingly sour. According to the Financial Times, one of the leading economic journals in the world, the search giant is determined to “discontinue” (jargon market to “finish”) the service searches that operates at the address .

“A personal family with the thought of the company”, in the words of FT, even said that the certainty of Google to end the search China is already 99.9% .The censorship imposed by china dictatorship to search services would be one of the reasons why Google to want to leave the country. In addition, the company suspected that cyberattacks orchestrated by Chinese authorities against Gmail accounts used by human rights activists.

The closing of the Chinese search should still take some time to happen, because Google wants to continue with other operations that remains in the country (such as selling ads to Chinese). There is also the need to protect employees involved in this situation, not to suffer government retaliation.

This is a brave move, since Google currently has 30% of the Chinese search market. However, it can not be seen as a martyr, because it is already known that another reason is that Google does not care so much for the Chinese search are the financial returns with little relevance that the company gets there.