Google Glass: Smart Gadgets For The Golf Course

Was golf not this leisure pleasure, where well-heeled older men with roller bags, white gloves and little beat casual small balls through the air? Far from! Also in this country golf evolved more and more to the sport. And since the right gadgets may not be missing about to determine the distance or the impact measurement. How well the Google glass app golfsight and Garmin devices approach S6 and G8 for the green are suitable, reveals our site.


Everything in sight with Google Glass

The smart glasses Google Glass (so far only in the United States to have; Price: around 1,200 euros) is with golfsight by skydroid Golf gadget. The free app, over 450 courses in Germany are listed; It recognizes, on which the Player stop when the test on the golf range in Oststeinbek near Hamburg. On the first hole, selects the golfer his tee-off (for women or men) and enters it in the app. GPS, the glass measures the distance to the green or obstacles such as water or bunkers. With daubers and mistake of the eyeglasses, the score can enter; the app then computes the sum for several players. The advantage of glass: She sits directly on the eyes and feels very comfortable. After a few turns, I forget the glasses completely, thinks Golf expert Sven Henig: Unfortunately it holds through less than 60 minutes on one charge with heavy use, a quick glance at the display have to do so. More features about unhide hidden flags via augmented reality are not on board.

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Garmin approach S6: control arm

Specifically the slightly thick and weighing less than 50 grams sports watch approach S6 (400 euros) by Garmin is designed for golfers. Your store contains over 38,000 golf courses all over the world (about 1000 in Germany); She also easily recognized ranks in Oststeinbek. In addition, it offers a colored view of railways, Greens and hazards; with a little practice, also distances per swipe of the finger on the 1-inch touch display can be determined. Two training AIDS are on board: on request, the S6 measures after each stroke swing strength and pace. So beginners can specifically recognize their weaknesses and advanced as Sven Henig have fun: as a golf partner, a funny game is even harder to strike a blow for in between. I’m surprised how little the S6 interferes with my game. As a sports watch is the S6 but only for golfers: is connected to an iphone via Bluetooth you can display emails and SMS there are more additional functions not.

Garmin approach G8: the all-rounder

Garmin approach G8 (about 430 euros) is a mini golf computer the size of an old iphone. By tip on the 3-inch color- and touch display can be measured distances, there is also some extras: the flag stands on a hill, the G8 factor with the slope in the distance measurement. Thanks to recommendations for the Club selection, ideal for beginner is interesting. For tournaments, it is but not approved. The g-8’s in the Pocket, he does not interfere with the swing by the way. Test golfer Sven Henig noticed but one other drawback: Unlike the S6 and Google Glass the standing out instead of the golf computer bugs during the golf round. Get out, enable display, settings: it’s somewhat easier on the other two devices. Positive: The operation of the G8 works with Golf Gloves easily.


All three devices help in estimating the distance and the display of obstacles. Google Glass is convinced but too expensive with comfort and ease of use. The two Garmin’s surprise the golf watch approach S6, which also helps the swing training. The 430 euro G8 offers many functions, but the operation is something annoying.