Google Home, a Speaker That Make Your Home Smarter

Google Home is a vase-like speaker who listens to you while it organizes and manages your home

Google will make your home smarter with the Intelligent Home-speaker-an intelligent speaker who will organize and assitere to control your home.

It is controlled mainly by plain speech in which Google’s voice recognition technology to understand, when you ask to get switched off the light, find a movie and display it on your tv or turn down the music in the nursery. Assuming you have smart bulbs, smart TVs and smart-speakers that supports the necessary Google Cast technology.

Thus Google Home an embodiment of the digital personal assistant, which today can be found in your smartphone in the form of Apple’s Siri, Google Now or Windows Cortana.

Tailored to your home

It looks like a decorative vase, and the intention is for it to be included in the home regardless of whether it is in the living room, the bedroom or the kitchen. A design with interchangeable bottoms in different colors and materials makes it possible to match it to your home.

It takes up no more than a coffee mug, and hides a simple driver which, despite its size, loves, of Google, to deliver a rich bass and well-defined tweeters when playing music. Together with Google Cast technology, Google can Home be grouped together with the home’s other multi-room speakers.

You can view Google home in action including:

More than Google Now

Where the smart phone is personal, is Google Home thought of as the home’s butler, who listens to all residents want and connects them with the home’s paired devices.

Google Home will only support a simple account at launch, but multi-user support should be ready shortly after launch.

When it can be bought, or just how much Google Home will cost, according to the search giant, has not yet.

It puts it in direct competition with Amazon’s corresponding Echo-speaker today can be acquired for 179 u.s. dollars, equivalent to about 1,200 kroner.