Google Improves The Platform for Developers with Extended Statistics

Last night the Android team launched a number of improvements in the Android Developer Dashboard, the application that developers use to publish and maintain their applications. New features, invisible to end users, are very useful for developers, since they give you extended statistical information the downloads of your application.

Each application in the Dashboard will now have a link to the “statistics”, where the developer can check one large number of new and expanded data. Among them you can see statistics of discharge with the possibility to adjust the period of time that is displayed, you can also see from which Terminal model your application is installed, installed it versions of Android, or that countries and languages are the most downloaded and use the application.

Probably the most useful feature is the possibility to commentary of define the time of sample statistics, that can be divided into segments ranging from one day to more than one year. This is useful to check if a particular update has caused impact or if the release of a new version of Android at a given time has increased or decreased discharges.

If you are a developer You can now enjoy these improvements in your publication pane applications, and if anyone is thinking about developing for Android, now has more reasons and tools to help you keep your application.

We leave you with a expanded statistics capture that you can find in the Android Developer Dashboard.