Google Instant Apps: Release to Have Apps on Your Phone

Google I/O 2016: the search giant introduces an option to use a myriad of apps-without having them installed first.

You’ve probably experienced it when you surf the Web on your phone. You land on with an e-shop or a news sites website and get the choice to continue to the website, or download the app.

Many dropper here to download the app, even though it typically possess more features and options. For it takes time to both download and install it.

It makes Google Instant App up with, by providing an intermediate solution that provides all the capabilities from the app, but is now just a click away.

At yesterday’s Google i/o developer exhibition, showed the search giant function by demonstrating how specially designed Android apps can be opened, with full functionality — without the need for any installation process.


Instant Apps works by downloading only the parts of the app as your smartphone needs. At a live demonstration was both BuzzFeeds and parkeringsapp’en ‘ Park-and-Pay’s experimental Instant App settled without waiting times.

Should you eventually want to install the full app, is this just a click away. Here Google promises that Android N will shorten the installation time by up to 75%.

Thus, in the future, you can get a richer internet experience by using home pages more often velpolerede apps rather than mobile websites with their limitations.

The function will have its official debut in the coming year and will be supported by even older Android devices running with Android Jelly Bean.