Google I/O 2016-Keynote: Here Are All the News [LIVE]

Google’s annual event in/O has just kicked off. Get here the overview over all the news that is presented at the opening keynote.

Every year keep Google a great Developer Conference called Google i/o, which stretches over several days-and this year is certainly no exception. Tonight at 20:00 was the event officially been kicked off with a two-hour long keynote, where Google’s Pichai, Director, Sundai has unveiled the greatest news.

Our site follows the Google I/O close the next day and brings including a review of all the most important news from the huge event. While several of the news were not immediately to guess, keynoten, of course, also welcomed on more news that was predicted two days ago.

Google Assistant: your personalized Google experience everywhere

Updated 19:20: Google is already a leader in the field of personal assistants, but now have it giant, has outdone itself with a much improved version of Google Assistant, which is the underlying service URf.eks.Get Google Now to respond to questions from you.

The news in Google Assistant is that Google has been markedly better to understand the context of what you tell. For example, you can say “who has built this?” without even mentioning the thing since Google just looking at your location.

You may be visiting a friend and ask “What movies are coming tonight?”, and so Google will automatically find movies near and possibly book extra tickets if it knows that there are children with you.

In short, Google has become much better at two-way communication, which is very similar to more about the used people from.


Google Home

Updated 7:30 pm: Strongly inspired by Amazon’s Echo-Assistant launches Google product Google Home, which is a small, networked device to have standing in the home. It is actually a kind of WiFi-speaker, who acts as an online network device packed with all of Google’s services.

Therefore, you can stream music from the cloud, so you get the highest quality in a smart, small form factor. Google is now a central part of Google Home, where you can talk to the bi-directional communication above, regardless of whether you are standing and cooking or sitting in the room and play games.

With Google you can check other Google Cast Cast-compatible speakers by simply saying “Ok Google, play Viva La Vida”. You can also tell which tv series you want to view, and immediately opened it on your tv connected to a Chromecast. With Google you can now, for example, book a car, send flowers, get weather forecast and send messages just by voice.

Other practical features is that Google Home can control light, thermal States, sockets and other Google Nest devices around the home, so it will connect all your devices in the home and make content and services readily available to you – throughout the home.

Google Home-device will be available later this year and is currently only an early sneak peek at what awaits.


Allo: New, smart beskedapp

Updated 19:49: Google has also showcased yet another new beskedapp, who has been named Allo and as works through your phonebook – so your phone number. The teacher learns over time to make your conversations more personalized and productive. Allo is also designed to make it the easiest way possible for you to express yourself – not only with emojis, but by being able to express ways to talk on by sliding the send button up and down to change the size, symbolizing the shift between whisper and shout.

If one person asks if you want out and eat later, use Allo machine learning to teach you better to know, so you won’t have to read over time more and more things. In the aforementioned cases, Allo fast servers smart answers for you, as you most likely otherwise himself would write in reply. Even if you receive a picture, will Allo servers potential answers for you by analyzing the images in the same way as in Google Photos app. If you get a picture of pasta, for example, suggest the answer could Allo “Uuhm, delicious!” and thus help you to express yourself better.

In Allo is Google’s Search Assistant very much integrated, which builds on bi-directional communication between you and Google. If two users are planning to go out and have dinner, Google can figure out that it would be smart to serve restaurants for both parties directly in the conversation, and in no time you can book a dinner at a restaurant directly in Allo-beskedappen through the service OpenTable. Many other services will be integrated in Allo over time, says.

You can even have a personal conversation directly with Google in Allo, which is very similar to Facebook’s bots, where Google’s artificial intelligence to automatically reply to your messages and questions from all the knowledge that Google knows about you. You can URf.eks. ask: “my team Won today?”, and Google knows immediately that there is talk about your favorite teams, such as Real Madrid. In Allo it is essentially Google Now Assistant who just goes on text-based.

Google Now experience has so far been reserved for individual users, but with Allo can multiple users in a conversation experience Google’s

As if it wasn’t going to be enough is also a games platform where Allo developers can make small text based mini games, just as Facebook has also done it. Security is the messages encrypted from receiver to transmitter, while there is a inkonitotilstand, which sent private notifications that do not reveal the content of the messages. Last but not least, can also be set to messages disappear over time as with Snap chat.


Duo: new app for video calls

Updated 19:55: A new app for HD video calling to Android and iOS are also revealed, called Duo. This new app is also based on your telephone number so that you have all right nearby. When someone calls you, you can see the other person’s video feed even before you have taken the video call – this feature called Knock Knock.

Duo stands out by function optimally even with poor internet coverage, which can be a big problem in many places. At the same time, the whole link encrypted, so everything is kept safe.

Duo will be available during the summer.

Android N

Updated 20:04: First status on the Android operating system: there are now 12 Android Wear-manufacturers. There have been several producers of Android TV-television, reads it. In the automotive market is over 100 Android Auto-cars on the road with the Android operating system included in the cars.

This year changed tactics by Google announced Android before Google i/o, so developers in higher degree can take part of the development and improvement of Android n. Normally published Android’s new name, but not this time. Now you can help to select the name of the website

Performance: in Android N have support for the new graphics API called Volcano, which improves graphics significantly — from number of pictures per second for reflections and detail. Under the hood is also improved significantly, Android N so installation of apps during setup of a phone is done 75% faster.

Security: in Android N have been better encryption of files, that were supposed to increase safety. In Android N will be also in future updates downloaded and installed automatically without the user noticing it. It is, in other words a similar update technique, as it is known from the Chrome browser on your computer.

Updated: 11:20 Productivity: in “recent apps” screen removed apps that have not been used for a longer period of time, now automatically, because in 99% of cases according to Google is only one of the seven most recently opened apps, opened via the menu.

Android N is also the first operating system to support the new Unicode 9-standard that brings all the latest emojis with itself (72 new), just as the different skin colors is to find, as Apple has had since iOS 8.3.

Today, Google also publishes the first beta version of Android N, whereas the previous two releases have been in the so-called alpha-stage, which typically contains several flaws than a beta. However, it is not until 3. quarter, to Android N is fully developed.


Daydream: Virtual reality directly into Android (N)

Updated 20:23: Just as the rumors pointed to, have full support for virtual reality technology in Android (N), which aims to spread the benefits of VR with support for registration of sensors for all the Android ecosystem.

Support called for Daydream and consists of three areas: smart phones, headset/controller and apps.Daydream consists of a number of requirements, such as a smartphone must meet in order to be able to give the proper VR experience. Google has been working hard to reduce the refresh rate of Android to 20 ms.

That comes in the course of the autumn of smartphones from all the major manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi and Asus, which are Daydream-compatible with Android VR.

Google has also produced a reference design for a very simple controller with built-in sensors that can be used in games and other VR experiences for easy and lively navigation. It consists only of two buttons, but is very flexible compared to what options it gives Android apps and games.

Google Play has also been compatible with virtual reality, inter alia. Google Play Movies, Photos and Google Street View, so you can immerse yourself in the environment around you. YouTube has also been developed all over again to explore the world’s largest VR video collection.

Daydream is launched during the autumn-probably in connection with the final release of Android N.


Android Wear 2.0: Design from scratch

Updated 8:30 pm: Android Wear gets the biggest update since the launch, where key parts of the user interface is designed completely from scratch after Google has learned more about what users need and don’t need in a smartwatch. Any dialers can mixes along with the content from any other app.

Android Wear have also gained a new input method for typing text, where you draw the letters and symbols, which will automatically be pushed to the left, so you can write loose while it is being translated into plain text.

Big news in the Android Wear 2.0 is also that all Android Wear-watches now works completely independently of the connected smartphone, although the Agency does not have its own 4 g connection as the latest LG-watch features. Therefore, developers can now also developing apps specifically created for Android Wear-unclean, which is installed and run on the clocks without having to rely on a phone.

Already now you can download a preview of Android Wear 2.0 for certain watches, before the software is released in its final form during the autumn.

Stream apps instead of installing them

Updated 20:51: With Android Instant Google Apps will over the next year or so working on that stream apps on your phone instead of installing them. Imagine that you get a message from a friend about to try an app with a link to the app.

Instead of having to install it, will Google currently stream app, when you click on the link, so to speak – so open it directly into a new window as if you had downloaded and installed it. It all happens through Google’s giant data centers, from which the specific parts of the appes, as you are looking at virtual run and streamed to your device.

All your loginformationer and information will be displayed completely in the same way as if the app was installed on your device. Apps will thus only be one click away in the same way as Web links, it is on the PC. The technology is even backwards compatible all the way down for Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and will thus completely rethinking how the apps work on smartphones.