Google I/O 2016: This Can You Expect Tomorrow

Google’s annual big event, Google i/o, kicks off tomorrow night and finishes first on Friday. Here are some of the news, you can look forward to.

Summer is approaching fast approaching, and in techverdenen it means another week with Google’s large i/o event where the technology giant shows all its news rather than developers, who at the same time will be livestreamed out to the whole world.

Google I/O has traditionally featured a host of big news, and nothing points to the fact that it will be different this year, when it all goes away from tomorrow the 17. may forward to Friday the 20. may for the first time held at the open theatre space Shoreline Amphitheatre in California.

As always, the opening of Google i/o with a two hour long keynote, where Google’s relatively new Director, Sundar Pichai, will be to find on stage, where all the biggest news brief will be examined and revealed. Then, there will be less sessions in about an hour, where all the news will be deepened.

Android N

One of the biggest news will be probably Android N, as good enough has already been revealed, while it tends to be by just Google i/o. That is guaranteed to come more news to the alpha-release back to the month of March. A new release of the software will be here in may, and it is not entirely unlikely that it occurs in connection with Google I/O.

Another thing that will be revealed, is in all likelihood also the new name – so what N stands for. Less likely, however, is that Google already reveals the two Nexus phones from HTC, there has been rumor. It would probably only happen during 3. quarter in which Android N published in its finished form.


Virtual reality built into Android with “Android VR”

Technology virtual reality have suddenly become immensely popular, and therefore it is reported that Google will make Android compatible with virtual reality technology.

It will say that the whole of the Android operating system will be displayed in the virtual reality, and in this context, Google will reportedly launch a new VR headset in a slightly higher quality than the cheap and experimental Cardboard, as the future headset will be the sequel to.


Project Tango-smartphone from Lenovo

Google has for some years had the so-called Project Tango, which is the company’s attempt to equip smartphones and tablets with advanced 3D-cameras and sensors to record how the smart phone or Tablet is purely physical. It provides incredible opportunities for, for example, to map out an entire housing by going around and give really unique gaming experiences.

There have long been rumours that Lenovo will launch a Project Tango-smartphone in collaboration with Google, where, at the Mobile World Congress in February should have been a closed place for collaborators. sneak peek There are several Project Tango sessions on the program with a focus on gaming, so that comes without a doubt to be something on the point.

It is not entirely unlikely that all attendees at Google i/o are given such a Project Tango-smartphone in free gift when there is traditionally a piece of hardware given to all customers. With a ticket price of almost 6,000 dollars Google can probably also clear enough without the big loss.

Google’s self propelled cars ready on roads

It is far from certain that it will happen, but Google has previously announced that the self propelled car is ready to run on the California roads by 2016, and it could therefore be a very ideal opportunity for Google to show the futuristic cars forward, now that Google I/O takes place outdoors.

There is, however, not some direct reports that Google’s self-propelled cars will be on display, but it can very well still happen.


Project Ara

Google’s Special Project Ara, which aims to create a complete modular smartphone with interchangeable modules on the back, is at a standstill the last year or so, after the prominent head of the project, Paul Eremenko, had to leave the project after having been part of Google’s ATAP-team in the 2 years that employees Max. may be it.

On Twitter, however, last year Google reported outthat Project Ara will be tested a number of places in the United States by 2016, but more so is not known. However, there is nothing more obvious place for Google to demonstrate Project Ara by than this big Google i/o event, so there is nothing else than to hope.


Project Auro: new edition of the Google Glass

Rumors have long circulated that Google’s special and somewhat controversial spectacle, Google Glass,would be scrapped, because among other things, complaints about lack of privacy and legislation which prohibits came in the way of the final release of the almost 10,000 dollars expensive spectacle.

There are, however, several months ago spread rumors that a new spectacle yet is on the way, just as there also have sprung up pictures of it — or of parts of it. The new eyewear should however only be targeted at enterprises.

Again it is not known with certainty whether the next Google Glass, or known as Project Auro, is on the program, but it will also be a very obvious news to showcase.


Android Wear

On the program are several sessions with Android Wear, and it is a very good indication that there is more news on the way to the Android platform to wearables.

Last year Google demonstrated the impressive Project Solos, with radar waves can read your hand movements and in a whole new way to navigate in smartwatches.

If Google chooses to integrate technology in Android Wear, remains to be, but it could lead to an interesting innovation of Android Wear, as there has not been the really big news, since its release two years ago.


Chrome OS gets Android-apps

There have for several years been speculation as towhether Google will melt the Chrome OS operating system for PCs, along with the much more popular and widely used Android operating system running on everything from smartphones, tablets and computers to TVs, boxes and even microwave ovens.

The amalgamation took place, but never suddenly popped up, showing that track something that resembles a fusion still going to happen. Chrome OS will get for support for all Android apps, which suddenly makes them significantly more interesting. This news will be with all likely published here at Google i/o.

To follow with the Google I/O

Just because Google I/O takes place 8,500 km away from Denmark, there is no excuse for not being able to follow along from home. Google live streaming for all the main sessions via YouTube.

If you want to have a complete overview of the three-day program, you should either check the official website out or download the app for Android, if you have such smartphones. Both on the website and via the app you can select the sessions you want to follow, and then you can get a notification, before starting, so you don’t miss out on some of them.

The mobile site will also cover all the big news, of course, close, so you don’t have to sit glued to the screen to capture all the important news from Google i/o. The main and introductory keynote begins tomorrow night at 19:00 Danish time.