Google Launches Spaces: New App for Group Sharing of Content

Prior to the Google i/o event tomorrow launches Google will make a new Web service with associated apps, Spaces, where you can easily share content in closed groups.

Google’s annual big event, Google i/o, stands for the door in the morning up to on Friday, where all news will be revealed and demonstrated giant remains undisturbed. Before then, however, revealed one of Google News, which is the new service called Spaces.

Spaces is a new platform with associated iOS and Android app that makes it easy for closed groups with invited people to share content with each other. The purpose of the Spaces is that it among small communities should be even easier to share everything conceivable content within any topic.

An example might be a small, closed group of acquaintances who cares for comics. Instead of having to communicate across different media, services and platforms makes the Spaces it’s easy to share content with each other, as you can chat at the same time.

Google has integretet several of its existing services in Spaces service, so shared videos through YouTube, websites via Google Chrome and searches with Google’s search engine directly integrated into the app. The idea behind the app is that group’s users must engage in the shared content when it is shared. That is why there is a chat available for each piece of shared content.

Older content can be found with the search function at the top of the app that also peruse the images through and makes them searchable. Judging from Google’s blog post about the new app looks the seem to have a very simple design centered around the three types of content that can be shared in the various “spaces” or space.

The solution may seem a bit on the so-called Collections, which is part of Google’s social media Google +.In essence, the same thing is possible, but not as elegant and easy to use. So there is talk about a product that overlap with already existing solutions from Google, but which may appeal to certain persons who engage in certain topics with other people and would like to be able to make it even easier and smarter.

Spaces-the app is still not released yet for either Android or iOS, just as the Web version is not yet available. It will, however, probably within the next few days, where there will be a session about the new app at the Google i/o event.