Google Maps 5.1, Now with Check in

Google has announced version of Google Maps 5.1 for Android, whose main novelty is the possibility of recording not only in that position are, but in what place (restaurant, bar, shops, etc.). This feature called it “Check in”, although in Spanish have referred it to register.

To make it more simple, added automation systems for the registration of places where we find. These automations consist in:

  • Notifications: In the notification bar Announces us that we are close to a place so don’t forget to us register.
  • Automatic registration: If we are very frequent in some places, we can do that we stay automatically registered when we get to this place.
  • Check-out: When we leave the place, Google Maps us unregisters automatically, so that people don’t think that we are there.

When checked somewhere we are directed automatically to the page from Google Places of the place, so we can see ratings from users of the site and we can also score ourselves. And if we are very frequent to a site, we can move on to be “Regular”, “VIP”, or even “Guru”. This seems to be intended to be combined with Google Offers, to give us coupons discount of the places that we attend.

Google Maps 5.1 is available for Android top 1.6 (Donut). And I leave you with a video of the performance, in English: