Google PactaríA with Nestle The Next Version of Android: Lion in a Nexus 5 (2014)

More than one year of the presentation of the last tablet Nexus and little more than one month of the anniversary of the current Nexus 5, Google must have fairly advanced the next device of this signature.

And while a few days ago came to us information that L Android could be called Lemon Meringue Pie, once we come expecting Lollipop for a season; the truth is that with Android 4.4 we also expected this kind of names and ended up as Nestlé who Jack took to the water with Kitkat. Now again jump rumours that this Alliance was not too bad, and we do agree, this time under the name of Android Lion.

According to reports from EMTLeaks, and come in a renewal of the current Nexus 5, keeping the name, as the past did the Nexus 7 summer. I.e., would arrive as Nexus 5 (2014), premiering Android 5.0.

According to this information this new Nexus 5 would come with a screen of 5.2 inches, this time in Quad HD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels), and based on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor 2.7 GHz maximum frequency, with the 420 Adreno GPU inside.

In addition, it would come with 3 GB of RAM and internal storage that could come in 32 GB capacity (without knowing if it would be the only, or even the base). On your camera, it would come with a front of 2 megapixels with Full HD recording capability, and a principal that would be up to 13 megapixels if we do the accounts.

What we don’t know is which manufacturer would be chosen to take this device which would fall 6 inches we had heard, or when they would make public the release of this version name – remember that last year was made prior to the launch of the same. How would you like a new Nexus of these characteristics?