Google Seeks Developers for Android

Android has a good base of developers, that there is no doubt. The best proof of this is the large number of applications that exist in the Market, some of them really useful and very well designed. However Google wants to go one step further.

This has begun to move to hire developers who work directly for the company. The goal is to create all kinds of applications: from exclusive high quality games that allows them to position themselves to tools and utilities based on geolocation.

But before the raw material quantity quality. The intentions of Google are not only creating more if not develop good enough exclusive applications so that potential customers decide for Android-based devices.

So today Google has distributed a score of own apps in the market. All of them are adaptations of services the company on the internet that offers: GMail, Google Calendar, Maps… Sometimes wanted to go a little further with applications like Google Goggles or Google Sky Map but always turning environment to the same axis.

Right now mobile, and the emergence of other market as the tablets are two sectors burning that they are attracting much interest, and therefore money, many customers.

According to estimates by Gartner This year will generate $ 15,100 million apps for mobile devices between payment and the advertising of the free applications. It is no coincidence that Google does not want to lose this train and want to continue betting strong on mobile devices.