Guide: Spring’s Best High-End Smartphones

Here are the mobile phones you need to buy if you want the best the market has to offer.

After seeing the best in budget and mid-range smartphones, the mobile site has saved the best for last.

In this game you get the editors’ idea of what smartphones today conspicuous in the top of the high-end segment. The price is subordinate to, here, it is about being the best.


Apple iPhone 6S-Winnie

Apple’s iPhone 6S resembles its 2014-predecessor to confusion, but is still at the forefront in 2016 – for the stores on a far stronger external and technology which is not released yet.

The phone’s materials is tempered and made more resistant against splashes and scratches. Engine compartment stores on one of the fastest mobile processor to date, while 3D Touch both have huge potential and already does that control goes faster in everyday life.

The camera delivers excellent photos and now supports both recording and editing, by detailed 4 k videos.

Buy it because:

  • Hardy
  • 3D Touch-technology
  • Excellent camera
  • Prompt

Google Nexus 6 p-Great phone

Google latest Nexus-cooperation has been, together with the Chinese Huawei – and the result has been to the best Nexus-mobile to date.

Google delivers here their latest version of Android, and pair it with delectable processed metal from Huawei with a strong battery.

The phone offers lovely curves, a huge 5.7 “Quad-HD display as flanked by excellent front-facing speakers.The camera really shines during most of the surroundings, but is especially best when the light is in short supply.

Buy it because:

  • Nice huge screen
  • Powerful camera
  • Unspoiled Android
  • Good speakers

Huawei P9 – Clean class

Huaweis latest topmobil is ideal for those who are looking for her built metal and innovative features, like the Leica-signed dual camera.

The processor is competent, the battery lasts longer and double camera makes it great under the right conditions. Huawei P9 is at the same time significantly cheaper than many of the other toptelefoner, making it the category price Basque.

Buy it because:

  • Strong for the price
  • Elegant metal construction
  • Leica-camera
  • Good battery


Samsung Galaxy S7 – Smart and waterproof

With Galaxy S7 train South Korean Samsung prior year strong S6’er and improved on every conceivable point.

The processor got a shot turbo, the camera is better than ever and operating times are significantly improved.

All this, in a cell with an outer now offers a more advanced design, which is both more compact, despite the fact that you now also is waterproof.

Since its launch, the price even declined a bit, making the S7 to an even better buy.

Buy it because:

  • Top performance
  • Super camera
  • Waterproof
  • Strong battery

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge-Future-Mobile

South Korean Samsung outdid himself in this year’s S7 Edge, by taking the excellent S7’er and make it larger and more advanced.

The screen has grown to large 5.5 inch ultra-thin, curved edges, but does, that it will continue to be operated with a single hand.

Smart Edge-features along the display panel’s edge also gives new opportunities in everyday life with news, contacts and mini-apps as merely a flick from being put into use.

Processor, camera and general performance is of the same caliber as the towering Galaxy S7, with the exception of the battery-it is even better.

Buy it because:

  • Top performance
  • Future design
  • Waterproof
  • Super battery
  • Curved large screen



Several of you are wondering you over that HTC 10 did not come with this list. First of all, we at stress that this in no way means that we think the HTC 10 is a bad smartphone. HTC 10 is on several puknter an excellent smartphone.

As mentioned in our test, is unfortunately not nearly as refined 10 HTC and advanced as its price tag indicates. The competition has now become so fierce in this segment that a mobile should only offer something special for committing it, and here is missing HTC 10 a bit.