How to Buy a Samsung Tablet

Samsung is one of the dominant producers in the tablet market. Today we present a Samsung tablet with Windows RT – Ativ Loss P8510.

How to Buy a Samsung Tablet

Ativ Loss P8510 is very easy to use, especially if you are using Windows 8 on your desktop PC, but still you will not get all the options that you have with Windows 8. One of the most important feature of this device is its good screen which has an impressive color reproduction. The screen of 10.1 inch has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, which is higher than on the popular Android-device Galaxy Note 10.1.

Samsung Ativ Loss P8510

Ativ Loss P8510 – Windows RT Tablet

Samsung Ativ Loss has one of the fastest chip on the market, despite the fact that it is controlled by a tokerners processor. It supports the NFC and is available in two versions – 32 and 64 GB and can be outsides via microSD memory card. What makes this tablet very handy is a USB connection that allows you to use the accessories without adapters. When it comes to battery life, it is really good, and this tablet has a strong 8200 mAh battery.

This tablet will be interesting for people who are looking for a tablet with PC-interface, i.e. a functional product that has excellent specifications and is that is easy to navigate. Since the Office has, it can be used for both entertainment and work. Check out our selection of accessories for Ativ Loss and explorations the possibilities there are to make your device even more functional.