How to Find the Right Smartphone

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How do I find the right technical product for me and especially what should I review? How can I save electricity, for example, or how do I find the device size that fits right for me and my house? Once in nine different categories dealt with these issues and these grouped together corresponding Advisor with some expert tips. Today’s topic: Mobile Phones/Smartphones!


Display maintenance:

Without the most completely on display cleaning sprays, especially during regular use, you can even damage the display. A simple Microfiber cloth is sufficient here, clean and damaged not the display – also for daily application.

Glass cleaners and detergent are absolutely taboo. These include aggressive SOAP solution, which damage the display.

If the display is actually even badly soiled, then moisten the Microfiber cloth easy. But not too much water use, this could run into cracks and crevices of the devices.

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Avoid unnecessary fees:

If you are abroad, you disable in the settings make sure data roaming and “Mobile data”. Because currently still very high fees, you should receive no data about the mobile Internet abroad. This applies also for the ever-popular Messenger â la WhatsApp!

If you absolutely must go online with your Smartphone or Tablet abroad, then only by means of a free WiFi, for example in the holiday hotel.

Also make phone calls abroad can become expensive quickly, so as far as possible without on phone calls with the mobile phone.

It is likely that you need to make calls abroad, then you explore previously about additional options in the context of your fare. These can be booked easily for a few days or for one month to do so. This really saves money.

Please note that many flat-rate offers may have included SMS. This does not apply however for MMS to send for example photos. Here you pay for each sent photo. You send the best free photos and videos via WhatsApp or similar Messenger.

If you need the assistance of a hotline, read whatever the fine print. Many hotlines are free from a landline. But call on can incur costs from the mobile network.

Even if you use a phone Flatrate, not all calls are really free. Special phone number does not belong to the scope of services of a telephone-Flatrate.