How to Make a Vlog Success?

They asked me to write here in TB analyzing the current situation of vlogs in Brazil, who promptly refused, after all, far from me wanting to be a “social media analyst”. This function is quite important and requires a high degree of study for me to quit talking as if he had gone through all this intense Herculean training.

So, I’ll just give my opinion insider (curious: I always used outsider, but it is the first time you try to fit the antonym). In other words, the opinion of those who do, not of the beholder and, well … Saca all about it, you know?

Every day I receive several emails with the same question: How to make a vlog success? I will disclose my official answer first. Ready?

I have no idea of ​​caceta!

Some super analyst study will tell you who has the formula for success, but that is pure bullshit. If knew truth, I would be using its formula to make money, not to pay Messiah.

The only absolute fact that I have in mind is that the more you think “I want to be successful”, the lower your chances. I may be wrong, but analyzing the trajectory of all youtubers prominent in setting national and international, the single biggest factor in common that I observed was exactly what everyone started unpretentiously, purely to have fun and make a real and original design.

That is what the public buys when you realize that you are not doing with the aim of flashes and money, but because they really enjoy and have fun, as well as providing anything worth.

What will be the future of vlogs? When this fashion will end? These are other questions I get often. Well, I swear I have not developed my psychic powers and cismam letters and tell me only “Jack, Jack, Jack,” but what I can say is that if you follow what happened and happens in the United States, vloggers still have there at least a couple of years of stability, it is the current situation there.

Of course, all this buzz will end; the summit is now: award on MTV, Jô Soares, interviews on various channels, magazines and newspapers. All because it is a novelty. For the first time in history, people are getting out of complete anonymity for exposure to millions of people using the Internet only. This is new, it gives matter, but it has expired.

So no, I do not know what will be the future of vlogs, do not know how long will last the headlines and I have no idea if the hearing will remain stable every video published. The only thing I know is that I regard the YouTube like a big window, which made ​​my life became completely and now opens opportunities that I never imagined to have.

YouTube was the beginning. Is now working to create stability in another sector, but keeping that designed me, the videos and the freedom that the internet provides. But if what you want is to get really famous and all, I can not help. I suggest Geisy Arruda.

Felipe Neto | professional actor and barroom writer, is the author of the videos of the programs Makes No Sense and Felipe Neto Vlog within YouTube. It is on Twitter: @felipeneto.