How to Register Episodes of Series You Watched

It is true that many of the internet users in Brazil take advantage of their network connection to watch the TV series that does not pass the tupiniquins channels. Whether because of the delay in bringing the channels seasons a good speed or not too fond of the dubbing in Portuguese, this practice has been going on for a long time.

But if you watch many series, either through the internet or pay TV, how to know which episode you watched and what has not? That’s where the Orangotag. The site is already in the air a long time ago, but as some series are returning next week thought it would be relevant to mention its existence. As the creator himself says, the site is a pad of notes to keep registered which episodes of a series you’ve ever watched. And it’s simple to set up and start scoring.

  1. Register with the site in

If you do not want to create an account, you can use Facebook Connect to log in.

  1. Look for the series that you watch.

I, for example, started to watch Nikita. I searched and marked the series as one that I follow. Once it is marked as a series together, you can give tags and tag with stars how good she is. The description can be edited by any registered user of the site, since there is an element wiki installed.

  1. Mark which episodes you watched the series page.

The field below the description will show when the next episode will air in the country of origin of the series, followed by the list of episodes that have already been displayed. You can mark an episode as seen or bury it, if someone has placed the wrong title or is repeated.

  1. Find friends, comment episodes, make suggestions.

Now that you’ve registered which saw episodes, you can leave the network for people with the same taste to talk on a twist plot of an episode or exchange an idea of the end of season. You can also subscribe to your RSS feed customized to know when new episodes will air or integrate service Twitter to inform all his followers at the very moment that an episode has just been seen.