How to Use HooToo USB Hubs

The back of the body is slightly rubberized, an intelligent thought to ensure the device can adhere to any surface without scratching–or scratched. Despite the excellent achievement, from my point of view the HUB Shuttle suffers from two major drawbacks. First of all, the packaging with no bag for storing the HUB securely; considering the target audience can benefit from the device, the absence of a travel pouch is almost inexplicable.
The second weak point is the cable Type-C integrated, which provides no anchor bolt with the body of the Shuttle.

Considering the absence of a custody, during transport the Shuttle is subject to two risks: scratches, as a result of the impact, and malfunction of the main cable, which may bend continuously in the bag.


According to, HooToo HUB Shuttle is a versatile utility that deploys well 5 distinct functions:

  • Charges your Macbook via the DC IN port;
  • Allows you to connect up to 3 USB devices with high transfer speed;
  • Recharge your smartphone via a USB port;
  • Has an SD Card slot;
  • Allows you to connect an external monitor via HDMI port

With regard to the external monitor, the Shuttle supports 4 k resolution video at 30 Hz. Videos in Full HD, instead, are played at 60 Hz.
Finally, it is a plug & play: does not require any drivers to install.

RAVPower: USB cable-USB-A to C

With the HUB HooToo Shuttle, suggest you buy one or more USB cables-C. The Type-C is beginning to gain a foothold in the mobile arena, supplanting the micro USB connector typical smartphones. Not surprisingly, the USB standard 3.1 has already been adopted by several producers, including OnePlus for its top of the range OnePlus Two.

The cable that I chose is a RAVPower from 1 meter, sold on Amazon Italy at about € 14. Although there are USB cables-C to USB-A cheaper, I chose RAVPower for two reasons: the brand, synonymous with excellence, and the Apple style design as the same HooToo Shuttle.
As you can see from the photo gallery below, the connector body is made of aluminum with silver details. Rubberized cord is in a standard format.