HTC 10 Selling Disastrously Bad in China

It is quite bad for the sale of HTC 10 in China, where there has only been pre-ordered 251 copies.Yes, you read that right: 251.

Just as it was believed that the HTC finally was on the right track with HTC, who have been quite reasonable reviews, see the opposite appears to be the case in the huge smartphone market China. Site Focus Taiwan could sign for a provisional interest for HTC 10 in China, which is unheard of low.

After the launch of the HTC 10 the 12. April entered into a cooperation with the media, according to HTC two of China’s largest e-tailers, TMall and Jingdong Mall, where pre-orders are was kicked off on April 25.April and lasts until Sunday.

11 days after the two retailers sign on a scary low sales in just 251 preordered HTC 10-top models. There is a simple reason behind it is provisionally disastrous sale. HTC has chosen to launch a worse variant beside the normal HTC 10 in, among other things, China and India, where consumers must make do with a Snapdragon 652-processor instead of the top tuned Snapdragon 820 processor.

And it is something that apparently doesn’t fall on fertile ground among consumers in China and India, which are incredibly conscious of how much smartphone, they get for money.

HTC has, of course, lowered the price by almost 1,200 kroner, but interest from Chinese have nevertheless been almost non-existent. On the other hand, the interest for HTC 10 been larger than expected in home country Taiwain, while not yet some reports about how it’s gone at these latitudes.