HTC, Not There Is Ice Cream Sandwich for All of Their Smartphones

Since the launch of Ice Cream Sandwich makers of smartphones and tablets updates have positioned themselves in the advertised connection for devices that are already in the market. The last to do so, in a more concrete way, HTC has been. Yesterday we could know the lucky ones: family Sensation and other high-end like the EVO or the newly announced Rezound terminals.

Of agreement but what about other terminals that have come out this year? The Taiwanese company has also launched this year other models such as the HTC Desire HD, Desire S, Wildfire S or ChaChaCha and he has not announced that they will receive the latest version of the operating system. What’s the matter?

As Google announced, any terminal that is capable of running Gingerbread will be compatible, in theory, with Ice Cream Sandwich. Far from being true or not we saw how for example the Google Nexus One was falling from the list. If this is true, why has HTC not announced that it will update more terminals?

HTC has not confirmed updates for all its terminals in the 2011 … of time

Question of power is? I don’t think so, both the HTC Desire HD and the S are quite efficient terminals and do not have a bad hardware precisely. In the case of the Wildfire S and ChaChaCha… perhaps you can understand it but we must not forget one thing: they are smartphones that have less than a year on the market.

Xataka Android weather we talked about how long should support updates of the manufacturers. One year? Two years? Until HTC says otherwise, and hopefully do it, these terminals will have less than a year of update support.

Their motives will have, which I would like to make public and explain why they will not update, but it seems to me a mistake ignore users and not provide them with updates but not before giving a prior explanation. Again, the problem of fragmentation and lack of commitment by the manufacturers.

It is true that this is not the end. Home developers continue to work on ROMs and as soon as we publish the code source of Ice Cream Sandwich this version of the operating system It will begin to reach many terminals as an unofficial. Already happened with Gingerbread and I believe that will happen again the same.

Let us hope that HTC, and other companies of course, reculen in its decision and they are a little more flexible with the theme of updates. I believe that many users share this humble opinion and hope that manufacturers take good account of it because at the end, if they are not able to offer you are looking for, now we’ll find alternatives.

For the time being HTC does not close the doors, said a ‘ not ’ resounding so, who knows, like the Desire, Wildfire and ChaChaCha users receive this update later. It is never late if Bliss is good, or at least so they say.