HUAWEI P9 Plus Smartphone

The P9 plus leads to Huawei’s current flagship family. It boasts precious housing, great processor, dual camera, a special display of clever features. It has also a small hook. Huawei is no longer the artsy, for the man was allowed to keep the Chinese manufacturer just two years ago.

HUAWEI P9 Plus Smartphone

With smartphones such as the P8 and the mate S, Huawei demonstrated that they can put really high-quality technology in noble housing and remain here still cheaper than the competition. This year, Huawei has really arrived in the stainless segment: the Matebook is a flat, stylish iPad clone with surface ambitions, the P9 is Huawei’s Champions-League-Smartphone and the P9 plus the coronation.

Optical Twin

Much the large P9 does not distinguish visually by its smaller offshoot. The design is unchanged, only the display is with 5.5 inches taller. The differences are mainly in the technical details: the plus has the same processor, but instead of 3 whopping 4 gigabytes of memory and 64 gigabytes hard disk twice as much space for photos, videos, music and more. If required can a microSD card for additional storage space also be attached as in the P9.

The screen is an AMOLED display and offers beautiful contrasts, rich colors and class viewing angles. But another difference is important: press touch.This is Huawei’s counterpart to Apple’s 3D touch. The screen is sensitive to pressure and provides access to extra features for some apps, if you firmly press on the display. In the gallery there is a zoom function, which details in pictures show can, for example, to check the sharpness. System apps such as messages, contacts, and camera display a shortcut menu for example, when strong pressure. Press touch is a beautiful idea, but so far with limited added value, because you can not do still much with them.

Dual Camera With OIS

The dual camera with Leica branding is the same as in P9, with one important exception: the P9 plus has an optical image stabilizer (OIS), which provides sharper images with slightly longer exposure times. Both smartphones set to a double 12 megapixel sensor. While one takes on color information, the second only is there to process brightness information, which are then charged with the color image.

The camera app is managed well, removed only a wipe expert mode with manual settings, other settings are easy to reach. In addition to standards like HDR or panorama, there are a few extra modes, for example the great night shot function. Here a complete, balanced exposed and especially low-noise image – a real HDR function, which allows great shots in the middle of the night from several images with different brightness and so no other manufacturer in the program has.

Software Tools And Fast Loading

The software is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the UI Emui brings a distinctive look, as well as a few nice extras but. This includes for example a power-saving mode, which thus helps to save battery, for Huawei newbies but holds great potential for frustration. Because only apps which allows you to send notifications in the standby mode. Ernergiereserven offers plenty of the 3400 mAh but also without the Akkuspar option. The fast charger pumping charge into the battery in 50 minutes around 60 percent.

The P9 is the larger plus an excellent smartphone, which must not fear comparison with the current front-runners. Next to the iPhone 6s plus or the P9 sees the edge of the Galaxy S7 plus good the case is compact and narrow, the performance is right. With a price of €699, Huawei but the price advantage compared to Samsung, Apple and co. is a major trump card from the hand- And the added value compared to the smaller and significantly lower P9 is small. A larger screen, more battery, more memory, optical image stabilizer, and that little useful press touch-it sounds on paper much, falls in everyday life, but barely. After all: Together with the P9 Lite , Huawei has a P9 and thus a well-positioned fleet for all budgets.