Hunting Bargains Android 13, to Four Hundred Per Hour

Another Friday again entered already September with a new battery of offers. We started this thirteenth edition of the Hunting bargains Android, with the best bargains we’ve found over the network.

  • Interesting are always also the Humble Bundle. In its seventh edition We have six great games, as always, for the price you want.
  • They also have their days at Amazon. Held now and receive discounts on various products. Available until Sunday, attentive to the offers in headphones or microSD card.
  • Looking for a quality phone for less than 200 euros? The Motorola Moto G It is a safe bet. Both the new, by 179 euros at Amazon; as the old version 4G (with microSD) to 185 euros in pccomponentes.
  • But there are phones with the Snapdragon 400 cheaper. And if that does not say it to my (old Xiaomi), which has at Amazon your Red Rice 1S for 129 euros with free shipping.
  • We will become Zavvi to find other good deals on accessories. Speaker Bluetooth? We have a small iLuv just 12.69 euros. We also have a headset Philips SHO3300 by 15.25 euros
  • To look at are also markdowns on Rakuten, 10% on all purchases with code RAKU10DESCUENTO. Thanks to him, we can ask with a LG G3 for less than 400 euros, 391.50 exactly, or a Nexus 5 for 270 euros. Huawei Ascend P7 by 282.60 is another example, you do to the idea.
  • Another bargain you can’t miss is the Gear Fit, ideal companion of your Samsung phone to complete your doll. To 89.95 euros in pccomponentes, perfect for sports.

Now is your time, what have you found? Surely equally interesting bargains. Tell us about them below, in the comments. See you next Friday!