Inateck USB 3.0 Hub Review

The MacBook have 2 port USB 3.0 and the same amount is more or less even in the other laptops. Generally are sufficient but you may have to attach a third or fourth device and a HUB it becomes absolutely necessary. Stationary desktop workstations is always better to use those fed that ensure greater continuity and security, while for laptops used in mobility you must opt for powered solutions.

Inateck, a company specializing in hardware devices, has developed a fairly compact HUB (3x2x11cm) and very lightweight which allows only one four-door, without requiring additional power. Three of these are located in the upper area while a front side, so that the user is (depending, of course).

The HUB that has no additional power needs to focus its efforts in balancing the heat supplied by the system BUS and the products that they put more in crisis are powered from 2.5 “disks. I tried to connect three in a USB 3.0 ports above most (SanDisk Extreme) and are regularly recognized all four. Obviously this is only half the battle because power consumption grows when disks are actually used.

I tried to start two copies of data, using crossed all four devices and this caused the interruption of one of the processes (but not detaching from unit). Then I activated the copies gradually, by external disks to the inner, and I thus found that the HUB holds up to two discs in use simultaneously, or two plus the pendrive.

Actually you can also push up to three discs but in this case one of the three units goes somewhat doubtful and slows down. The ability to balance has therefore demonstrated excellent, especially because in critical situation broke the copy but not unplugged the unit.


The HUB 4 ports of Inateck is built with lightweight plastics and is handy and practical based on Themotorcyclers. The parallelepiped shape makes it rather simple to carry and the doors are well spaced. I’m also on the long side and devices with large pins or external dongles, as TV decoders, are unlikely to bump into what’s next. To be very efficient in handling proved powered maximum load, going to stop any too without disconnecting the drive. Has passed very well our tests carried out on a MacBook Air 11 2013 “. Of course performance will vary depending on your computer and, just to clarify, the HUB’s USB 3.0 only travels at the speed if the port where you attach USB 3.0 — is also works on USB 2.0 but obviously at a reduced speed. The sale price is more attractive since it is currently at Amazon for only 16.99 €.