Inateck USB Hubs 3.0

In all cases the HUB is convenient but not on par with direct USB connection, in fact the same Lexar DD512 connected directly to the USB port 3 of Surface Pro 4 reached 247, 0.12 MB/s write instead of 171MB/s (even surpassing the results on the MacBook).However the same test I got a top speed of reading 317 MB/s, so less than that found with Daisy chaining on the HUB (both on MacBook than on Surface Pro 4). The tests in question I run multiple times, discarding some cases where data were very patchy and keeping them as reliable result obtained for at least 3 times.

To complicate matters, already rather ambiguous, I rerun the same Mac Pro benchmarks.Here, too, the case holds up very well the cargo filling all USB 3.0 of its HUB, but the Mac Pro has a not inconsiderable problem of maximum speed on USB, as Apple has balordamente decided to use a 5 GB/s PCIe channel only by for all 4 doors. This means that the maximum ceiling real bandwidth is reduced, especially if you have many devices connected as me (about 10 with 2 HUB). Because of this limit the 850 Pro stood at 327, 341, 8 MB/s read and 6 MB/s write, while the Lexar DD512 at 325MB/s read and 192 MB/s write (this strangely best earlier).

I hope not to have melted my brain with all these numbers, I’ve lost a little dizzy in recent days. I ran maybe a hundred tests, but I’ll spare you further details tedious limiting myself to the ones listed above that I consider to be rather exhaustive for the review of the case on trial rather than the disks or computers.


All that glitters is not Golden, it is often said, and the houses of Inateck not even glistens. Is ugly and plasticky, but I haven’t seen any others that support the UASP Protocol and have a 3.0 integrated USB HUB. Removed the load limits of the MacBook, which are now quite obvious, the case does what he must and can handle the additional connections. A few times, though, the benchmark of the disks I got lower results, both on the Surface Pro 4 that the Mac Pro. Nothing dramatic, but the yield is not entirely stable. Consider that out of all the other handsets or Apple computer with USB 3.0 there are no supply problems seen on the MacBook, nor those of the maximum speed of the Mac Pro, but unfortunately at the moment I only have these two under hand having sold the MacBook Pro 13 “Retina (the new version).The price of homes in Inateck 3.0 2.5 “USB HUB UASP is £ 32.99 at Amazon, so more or less double that without additional ports analyzed here. Choose it if you are really useful additional USB 3: only in that case the practical obtainable is actually spending. Alternatively you can also take the UASP houses simple and apart from a 4 port HUB, only spending a few more dollars. In terms of flexibility I think is a better solution, but in addition to having to manage two devices and two cables, you will use more speed due to the UASP support (which works only with direct connection to the computer). Lights and shadows for a device that is not perfect but certainly noteworthy and almost unique in hi-tech (I don’t recall seeing anything like this around).