Innovative Smartphone Parts

Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone 6 Slide-out Design with Backlight Ultra-Thin

As soon as you start to use the iPhone 6S and 6S plus, you will notice that it is something quite special. 3D Touch, that you can do more than ever before with just a single touch, and Live Photos bring your memories to life in a whole new way. And that’s just the beginning. Look a little closer at iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and you will see that there is new thinking on many plans.


The next generation of multi-touch

When the first iPhone came into the world, it also took with a multi-touch function, which ever since has changed the way we experience technology. Now comes the 3D Touch, allowing you to do things that have not been possible before. And because your iPhone now also can feel how hard you tap the screen, you can interact with it and everything you have on it, in a completely new way, even faster and easier than before. And thanks to the new Taptic Engine you also get feedback in real time in the form of small dot.


12MP camera, 4k videos, live photos, memories for life

The world’s most popular camera has become even more advanced. 12-megapixels iSight camera takes sharp and detailed images it captures brilliant 4 k video with up to four times as high resolution as 1080p HD video, and the built-in 5-megapixel HD camera turns your FaceTime selfies for small works of art. iPhone 6S and 6S Plus also comes with a brand new feature: Live Photos – a new way to relive your memories on. Live Photos capturing the seconds before and after you take a still picture, so you can see a live version of the image with both motion and sound.

The most advanced processor in a smartphone

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus running on a 64-bit customized A9 processor. It has a performance that you once could only be found in desktop computers, and you get up to 70 percent faster CPU performance and up to 90 percent faster GPU performance, handy for all your graphics-intensive favorite games and apps.


Cutting edge design pushed just a little longer

Innovation for smartphones is not always such a right to spot with the naked eye. But if you look a little closer at iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, you’ll see that we’ve made some quite fundamental improvements. The Cabinet is made of a new aluminum alloy in 7000 series, a type of alloy, which also will be used for spacecraft. The cover glass is also strong. In fact, the strongest and most durable glass in a smartphone. And outside, you can enjoy four different colors – space grey, silver, gold and the new finish in rosaguld.

Touch Screen Replacement for Samsung Galaxy S4 mini Original Black Frame


Security which is just as advanced as your fingerprints

Using a highly advanced fingerprint sensor does Touch ID the easy and safe to unlock your phone up – faster and better than ever before.


Faster 4g LTE, faster WiFi

Thanks to 4g LTE Advanced has iPhone 6S and 6S Plus up to twice as fast connection compared to the previous generation. It supports more LTE‑band than any other smartphone, and when you are connected to the Wi‑Fi at your iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, you can also go on line and download apps up to twice as fast as before.


An experience beyond the ordinary in an unusual telephone

IOS 9 is the world’s most advanced, intelligent and secure mobile operating system. The latest improvements across the entire system, the new and stronger built-in apps and better Siri features make the system smarter and better to use than ever before. Phone and system working smoothly together, and the App Store are full of amazing apps that are tailored to take advantage of everything that your iPhone can.