Instagram Is Updated with New Icon and White Design

The classic Instagram-icon with Polaroid camera and the app is designed from scratch to fit better into the social media, it has evolved into.

Instagram has over the years been among the most popular social media. Actually went Instagram originally under the name Burbn, since it was launched in early 2011 as a check in-app 10 months later got the app name Instagram and image function, which has made it so popular.

After Facebook bought Instagram for 5.6 billion in 2012, is the app has grown exponentially year after year. Instagram distinguished himself originally by the many different filters that could be placed on the images in order to create the desired mood-for example, with retrofiltre and Vignette.

Since then, what was once a kind of picture sharing service, now grown into a Mecca and enormous social media for exposure of users, celebrities and businesses on an equal footing with Facebook and Twitter, of course, continue to revolve around images, but now also with the ability to upload videos, animations and drawings.

Therefore get Instagram now replaced both the app’s design and the familiar logo with the Polaroid camera, who has represented the many special image effects that made Instagram special. The new icon icon consists instead of a colorful background of yellow, purple and pink hues, on which is placed a camera as a pictogram.

In other words, stresses the new logo prominently that Instagram has become larger and more than than just a app to add effects to images. Now is the focal point for the app it to share and interact with others.

The dark blue and black elements at the top and bottom of the Instagram app’s design has now been-chalk-white, so everything appears incredibly minimalist. It is done to move the focus on the images, it sounds in a blog post.

The other Instagram-apps, Layout, Boomerang and Hyperlapse, have been given a similar design overhaul of both icon and app. Update with the new design has already begun to roll out, so if you don’t already have an update lying to Instagram, are there not other than to arm yourself with a little patience.