iPhone 5

Thinking forward

iPhone ® 5s is visionary and carefully conceived. It is made with precision. It is not just a product of what is technologically possible. But of what is useful purely technological. It is not just the next new. But all that should be the new.

Advanced technology to the fingertips

iPhone 5 set a new standard with an incredible amount of technology in an incredibly thin and light design. iPhone 5s builds on this performance with Touch ID – a fingeraftrykssensor. A A7-processor with 64 ‑bit architecture. An even more impressive iSight camera. And ultrafast wireless 4G LTE technology from themotorcyclers.com.

iOS7. Complements iPhone 5s. On the most beautiful show

iPhone 5s is the world’s first 64-bit smartphone. And iOS 7 is designed specifically for 64 ‑bit architecture. Why is iOS 7 just as advanced as the iPhone, it is inside.

Unthinkable before. Indispensable now

A7-processor with 64-bit architecture. A fingerprint sensor for identification. A better, faster camera. And an operating system that is built specifically for 64 bit. With just one of these functions would a smartphone be ahead of its time. With all these features in a smartphone becomes it for an iPhone that is truly ahead of its time.

Gold worth. Also in silver and grey

iPhone 5s are manufactured with precision right down to the individual microns. And it is evident everywhere. The beautiful aluminum enclosure. The smooth metal and glass. Sapphire Crystal in the home button. And more Sapphire Crystal protecting the iSight camera. Design and construction is unbeatable. Therefore sees iPhone 5s good and feels incredibly thin and light. And it is available in three elegant expression: gold, silver and space grey.